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Florence is a big, wonderful place but how can you be certain you’re making the most of your time here? Have no fear – whether you are here on a short holiday or you’re in Florence for work or education, studentsVille is the place to get all your information!

A team of Florence residents and student visitors have put together the best of what Florence has to offer and we don’t want you missing out on any of it! was founded in 1999 by Marco De La Pierre, Paolo Ramponi and Marco Brugnola and is one small part of the dotFlorence network. The other parts include:,,,,,,,,

The current studentsVille staff consists of: Marco De La Pierre, Paolo Ramponi, Marco Cavalli, Michele Ambrogio, Francesco Moglia and Sara Amerighi.
Our offices are situated in Piazza della Vittoria, 6 in Florence.

Like us on Facebook to interact with the other 6,500 people who have so you too can get the latest and greatest information. You can always keep up with the fantastic experiences our team discover by following our blog too!
We post 50 articles per year so you can get the exclusive on the new, amazing things we find!

Another way to stay involved with everything happening in this beautiful city is by checking out our list of events. We upload 500 different events every year and even put them in chronological order for you so you can spend less time looking through a list and more time enjoying Florence.

The great thing about studentsVille is that we don’t just help those on a short visit; we’re also here to assist those who plan on sticking around for a bit!

Check out our website to see the 100+ list of the best and most affordable apartments for students.

There are a number of useful, fantastic facts studentsVille knows about Florence such as the best places to eat, great bars and a number of things to do to experience the culture.
No matter what you’re looking for, we have it! If you don’t believe me, why not check out the website?

Happy travelling!;)

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