Calcio Storico, nicknamed “Florence Fight Club,” is known as one of the most barbaric, violent sports worldwide. 2012 featured new video playback to help justify disqualifications, but the game remained as jaw-dropping as ever; all of the more than 5 thousand seats in Piazza Santa Croce were sold out.

Finals: Bianchi (Whites) di Santo Spirito beat the Azzuri (Blues) di Santa Croce, 4 to 0 – the first white final win in 31 years!
Semifinal, Game 2: Azzuri (Blues) di Santa Croce beat the Rossi (Reds) di Santa Maria Novella, 11 to 0
Semifinal, Game 1: Bianchi (Whites) di Santo Spirito beat the Verdi (Greens) di San Giovanni, 9.5 to 2


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