So here it comes, a little selection of events that are happening in Rome in the next months, so you don’t need to go nuts on all those Italian websites that promise an English version and all you get is English dates and Italian content (as I say this I realize that some of the links to third party websites are exactly as I described, anyway….).

Here you go enjoy some fine art and go back home cultured as a European!


Various Locations

Pricing: 8/12€

May 3rd – June 1st, 2018

Theatre and short film come together for Inventaria a festival that promotes the beauty of performance. Scattered around the Eternal City go and check the whole of Rome while enjoying the new talents you’ll discover.

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Ville di Roma a Porte Aperte

Various Locations

Pricing: 10€

May 1st – May 31st, 2018

Get a glimpse of what Roman Aristocracy was all about while getting a chance to see some of the most beautiful villas of Italy.

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Studio Stefania Miscetti – Via delle Mantellate 14, Rome

Pricing: Free of Charge

May 21st – July 31st, 2018

This year marks the tenth edition of SHE DEVIL at the Studio Stefania Miscetti, a collection of work from international artists that aims to “conduct a close analysis of the female world; using the critical gaze of the invited artists as its means of inquiry”.

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Lanificio159 – Via Pietralata 159, Rome

Pricing: Free of Charge

May 18th – September 28th, 2018

On the terrace of Lanificio159, every night from 6:30 pm to 2:00 am, you’ll be able to enjoy drinks, DJ sets, live sets and an amusement park feel.

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Tel Aviv – The White City

MAXXI – Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo – Via G. Reni 4/a, Rome

Pricing: 8/12€

May 16th – September 2nd, 2018

An Architects wet dream, get a glimpse of the best modernist buildings of Tel Aviv and get to learn about why the city was built with a Bauhaus style.

For more info, click here.

Kerstin Brätsch_Ruine + KAYA_Kovo

Fondazione Memmo Arte Contemporanea – Via Fontanella Borghese 56b, Rome

Pricing: Free of Charge

May 3rd – November 11th, 2018

Conceptual Art on a whole other level, if you’re getting bored of all the classic art you see in Rome, this will give you the dose of modern art to get back on track. We’re talking “marbling paintings, inks and solvents are dripped onto a liquid surface to create a pattern, which is then pulled from the surface with a sheet of paper.”

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Chiostro del Bramante – Via della Pace 5, Rome

Pricing: 12/14€

March 22nd – August 26th, 2018

For the first time ever in Rome, a whole collection offered by the Tate Gallery of London, Joseph Mallord William Turner.

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Hiroshige, Visions of Japan

Scuderie Papali al Quirinale – Via XXIV Maggio 16, Rome

Pricing: 13/15€

March 1st – July 29th, 2018

Enjoy some of the worlds finest Ukiyo-e art from one of the founders of the classic feudal period. Hiroshima will have you in awe wanting to jump on the first flight to the far east and never leave.

For more info click here.

Eco e Narciso

Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica a Palazzo Barberini – Via delle Quattro Fontane 13, Rome

Pricing: 6/12€

May 18th – October 28th, 2018

For the opening of the new wings of the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, the museum has prepared a unique setting with works of artists such as Pietro da Cortona, Raffaello, Bronzino, Kiki Smith, Richard Serra and others.

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Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi – Piazza S. Pantaleo 10, Rome

Pricing: 9/11€

April 11th – August 19th, 2018

A retrospect on the great Venetian artist for the 250th anniversary of his death, at the Museo di Palazzo Braschi, you’ll be able to enjoy 62 of his most famous paintings and sketches.

For more info click here.

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