The Student Hotel

In a short time, it is expected the inauguration of The Student Hotel (TSH) in Florence; not only a hostel, but it will be a place where international students, travellers and enterprising minds can connect in co-living and co-working spaces with competitive announced prices.

In Florence it will open the first Italian The Student Hotel (TSH) in Viale Lavagnini with 392 rooms, in the former building of the Ferrovie (National Train Station) in front of the Fortezza. From the 392 total room of Viale Lavagnini, 222 will be reserved only for In ternational students. At this project will be added soon another hostel in Viale Belfiore, at the place of the formerly Fiat headquarters.

Situated in Viale Belfiore, in the formerly Fiat headquarters, the 26.000 square meters will form the first principal part of a project that includes 670 rooms of The Student Hotel (TSH) in addition to residential units, stores and parking lots.

The group of The Student Hotel has announced the purchase of their second property in Florence with the target of begging the project in 2018 and with inauguration in 2019.

Charlie McGregor, founder of The Student Hotel, during the meeting with the mayor of Florence Nardella, explained the philosophy of his company. The buildings will host students, travellers, business men in a structure that aims to bring Florence into the future, following the model of The Student Hotels.

Charlie McGregor and the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella

The Student Hotel will be composed by large common areas open to all residents and guests, student fully-equipped rooms, common areas, facilities for local activities, study areas, bars and restaurants. There will also be a panoramic terrace and all environments in which there will be unlimited Wi-Fi, in nowadays considered essential.

The area on Viale Belfiore, formerly Fiat headquarters, was acquired by The Student Hotel by public auction. The project will be supervised by the architect of The Student Hotel Group: Saimon Idiakez.

The Student Hotel is currently completing its first property in Italy in Florence, followed by The Student Hotel Bologna in 2018 and Rome in 2020.


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