If you decided to face the perennial Heatwave Italy goes through in the summer, and you didn’t go to the sea, you’re probably sitting in your apartment in Italy wondering what to do with your life. Fear not, as I will be the beacon of light in this desperate hour. Fear no more the scolding heat, as I will show you the way of authentic Italian food, the way of the best Italian food. The way of Italian food festivals.

“So, what is this enlightened path to authentic Italian food we must know about Chris?” These traditional Italian food festivals are called Sagre. A Sagra originally was a way for small towns to get together and have a potluck revolving around one particular dish, as you can imagine in small towns there isn’t much to do, we can see this also as most students are leaving their hometowns to study abroad *wink*. Anyway as these potlucks got bigger and bigger, it couldn’t be only considered a get-together, it became a proper food festival. So, Sagra festivals in Italy are a great way to meet locals, enjoy really good food and spend little to no money. Student Budgeeeeeeet. 

Now you’re wondering we’re at that point where Chris is going to give us some sort of Italy saga calendar in which we’re going to find these food festivals in Milan or some Venice Italy food and wine festivals. Not. Today. NOT TODAY. Because the best sagre are only found in the outskirts/countryside. You can find some decent ones in cities, but it’s not really the same experience. You go out of the city with some Italian friends, enjoy a nice heavy dinner and meet locals in the meantime. I remember the first one I’ve been to was in Girone, out of Florence, The main plate was Truffle, so yeah cheap and good truffle. Also, another one a lot of my friends go to is the Sagra del Cinghiale, the Boar meat Sagra, you come back at least 10 pounds heavier, but those 10 pounds are so worth it.

The trick to finding them, is find posters in the city you’re in, they’re usually in a really old school style. Nothing fancy, no Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign knowledge is behind these posters, but as soon as you read SAGRA DEL you’re in front of the right one.


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