So, it’s finally summer and the heat is killing me personally, but we’re not here to talk about that, rather I want to make sure you enjoy every little once of Italian food you can before you leave the country, or (if you’re on your way here) start thinking about every amazing ounce of Italian food you can when you visit.

Now, what to eat in Italy? That is a very fair question, a couple months back we posted an article that showed you all the specialties per region. So that is a good place to start no doubt, but here I want to focus on a smaller scale. I want to show you what food to eat in Italy, you know? That amazing Italian food you’ve heard about so much, and you probably have back home as well, but the real deal the real Italian dishes that are so mouth-watering that you’re gonna put that diet you had in mind on the side ( read more about italian table etiquette).

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Italian cuisine varies a lot depending on where you are, there is a traditional plate for every city you visit, so when you go in a new place cause you’re board of the city your studying in and want to visit some amazing spots, you can find all the restaurants you need to in our handy post on restaurants in Italy, and in it are some of the best places to eat in Italy.

But I can assure you that everywhere in Italy, everywhere, you’re gonna find someone that agrees on the fact that “Aglio Olio e Peperoncino” is one of the most famous Italian dishes, it’s something that can answer your what to eat in Italy doubt, you’ll probably make it for yourself, rather than at a restaurant. Plus, everyone can eat it, vegetarians, vegans, and people that eat gluten-free (if you buy gluten-free pasta).

Before we go into our list, I’m gonna give you some little advice on eating in Italy, like the classic don’t order a cappuccino after 11 (breakfast is super important here, I was someone that would just have a coffee until I got into the whole pasta e caffè ritual) and try to order wine with your meats (if you eat meat that is), but we got a whole list for you waiting on another page so you if you want to eat in Italian and don’t want to freak out the Italians while you’re eating.

To end our conclusion we want to teach you the only word you need to pick up while enjoying a nice meal, and that is delicious in Italian. If you want to compliment the food that you ordered just say “era buonissimo” or “era delizioso” one of the two and the waiter will surely be happy and will tell the kitchen.

What do Italians eat

That is a very generic question because you have to remember that Italy has a varied cuisine, it’s 21 regions are all masters of its own food. The south has more fish based foods, and also fries a lot more of it, while the north prefers to cook with butter, something that was brought down by the French invasion of the country. But one thing all Italians do eat is PASTA, it’s the sauce that changes from place to place.

What to eat in Rome

As we were saying in the last paragraph, pasta is the most common dish in all of Italy, but Rome (in my opinion) has the best sauces. From the Carbonara to the Amatriciana, to the Gricia, to the Straccetti, to the Alfredo, and the Cacio e Pepe (Alfredo’s dad). Whatever plate of pasta you eat in the capital you’re bound to fall in love with gluten and the average Italian will say the same, even those that make believe they’re not that into it love the pasta in Rome. EVERYONE.

What to eat in Tuscany

Tuscany prides itself on a very simple form of cooking, because of the fertility of the region, the people in it prefer light condiments, condiments that bring out the flavor of whatever you’re eating. So, let’s take the classic example of a Bistecca alla Fiorentina, it’s only seasoned with rock salt, oil, and some pepper because the meat is so tender and flavourful that it doesn’t need anything else.

What to eat in Italy for breakfast

Italy is one of the few countries that prefer a sweet breakfast rather than a salty one, it’s an odd thing when you think about all the panini and amazing pasta you can order while here, but when you’re on the way to work/uni you need to follow the breakfast ritual. This centennial ritual involves a caffè (espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, macchiatone, corto, lungo, macchiato in tazza grande, espresso in vetro, and the list can go on forever and ever and ever) and a pasta, not to be confused with a plate of pasta. A pasta is a pastry, so something like a croissant/brioche, a ciambella (sugar coated donut), a sfoglia, and here again we’re looking at a never-ending list of items on the menu. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a salty breakfast, but if you want to live the Italian breakfast experience, this is the procedure.

What to eat for breakfast in Venice

Venice, being on of the best places to have aperitivo in all of Italy (you’re wondering jeez Chris you’re already thinking about aperitivo during breakfast hours), has also some of the best brunches in all of Italy (see I was getting somewhere). You can’t wake up going around the canals without trying an amazing Venetian Brunch, we’re talking Mimosa and pancakes, like in the movies. Just be careful about where you go cause some places can be pretty pricey.

What to eat in Milan

Milan has a very diverse culinary culture, being the northern frontier of Italy it was conquered by a variety of factions as time progressed. If you just think about the Cotoletta alla Milanese, you can see a pretty big similarity with the Austrian Wiener Schnitzel, that’s because the country was Austrian for a long period of time. But one plate that you have to try, I mean you really have to try is the Risotto allo Zafferano, a risotto made with a Saffron sauce. Don’t say I didn’t tell you how great it is. Just don’t.

Before I leave you guys I wanted to remind you that not only you can eat some great food in Italian restaurants, but you can also learn how to make some of these great plates in a selection of cooking schools in Italy we have prepared for you.


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