With the lockdown becoming more and more a thing for all of the countries of the world, I was thinking maybe giving you more ideas on what to watch is a pretty good idea. So we talked about Arte, in the last suggestion post, this time let’s look at something that isn’t animated. Paolo Sorrentino’s The Young Pope.

I don’t know who’s seen The Young Pope, so I won’t spoil anything don’t worry. It’s a NO SPOILER ALERT.

The main reason I would suggest that you watch this series is because you get to see some of the best-kept locations in Rome, and Vatican City, shot masterfully by the internationally acclaimed Italian director Paolo Sorrentino. There are some scenes to die for, because of how beautiful they are. I mean if you haven’t seen anything by Sorrentino, a good suggestion is also The Great Beauty (that I haven’t seen, but everyone goes on about how beautiful Rome is after seeing it, and Italians aren’t famous for complimenting cities that aren’t their own).

the young pope

The Young Pope’s story is about Lenny Belardo, a young cardinal (played by Jude Law) that suddenly becomes Pope. Contrary to popular belief, his age doesn’t imply that he’s a progressive Pope. So, you’ll get to see the machinations of the Holy See, and what it implies to have a young Pope, as you know Pope’s have a life-long term when they get the job, and they’re usually elderly.

It’s a pretty good show to binge, cause the story goes on quite well, and as I said, the shots are amazing. Plus if you watch it you’ll be able to watch The New Pope, the second season of the show, with none other than John Malkovich. and do you really want to pass on a show with John Malkovich in it? I didn’t think so, so get on the Pope-hype and enjoy the show.


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