There is something about Italians and the being late, it’s pretty much the number one of the Italian stereotypes, and I don’t want to sound like that guy, but it’s a little bit true. I can tell you from experience that you do tend to have to leave your house at the time you were meant to meet your Italian friend rather than be there on time, cause unless you have a fully charged phone and a lot of data to spend, you’re gonna be waiting for quite a while.

italian stereotypes

You know, you might be able to blame it on how to tell time in Italian, they tend to use military time, and you know sometimes you can get lost in translation, but if that, that isn’t the case ( discover stereotypical italian phrases). You can’t blame being late on telling time in Italian, you just can’t!

So, what are these funny Italian stereotypes?

Maybe you can blame it on Italian habits traditions (discover the italian celebrations and the complete list of italian festivals) cause when it comes to the festive season you know that Italian like to get together and eat a lot, I mean everyone knows about the Italian American stereotypes, where everyone just sits around a table and eats for hours on end right?

I do cause I’m one of them (see you always find out something new about old Chris). Or even how the Italian women stereotypes (please please don’t kill me, this is so you find us online) want to make sure you’ve eaten proper, and if you haven’t well you’ve got to eat something (full disclosure this is validated for both women and men). I’ll be honest, in this last case, I had a lot of friends show up late.

“Hey Chris, sorry I got home and my grandma was home and made me a snack” and when Nonna is in town and makes something to eat, you can’t, and you should never, turn down her food.

So, let’s look for some other Italian stereotypes to exploit for the sake of content creation….I mean there are other stereotypes of Italian people, but I’m not going into them, cause yeah they’re not great, and people get pretty annoyed about them here.

Italian women stereotypes

As I was saying before women and men stereotypes in Italy are quite similar, you can’t come up with any other than making sure you’ve eaten or had a coffee. You’ll notice how every time you meet up with an Italian they’ll always ask if you want a coffee. That really means they care.

Maybe that’s also the reason everyone is so late, they’re always grabbing a coffee with someone they randomly met, and you know what I’ve got to say to that? That’s a good enough reason to make me wait for a little longer than the pre-established time.

Let’s just remember that Southern Italians, Northern Italians, Central Italians, the Southern Italian people living on the Adriatic side and the ones living on the Tyrrhenian side, all share one of the stereotypes about Italian culture, and that is chilling out and relaxin, the only reason why Italians are always late. That’s why we probably should never hurry out of our house when we have to meet up with a friend, and just take it easy. There is nothing that’s going to haunt you if you showed up a bit late for a coffee. 

Italian stereotypes list

So to make it simple, after you’ve read all of that here is a little list of what I consider Italian Stereotypes

  • Being late
  • Loving coffee
  • Eating food
  • Making sure you’ve eaten
  • Offering you a coffee


  1. cause and because. I like ice cream because it’s refreshing. the hot sun caused a bad sunburn on my back. Don’t get your English from a posting… people make errors. The same thing happens in translation.


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