What is one of the best things to do in an afternoon when the sun isn’t at it’s best, but the weather is nice enough to go out? Well, if you’re talking to me personally I’m big on going to a nice museum on my time off, maybe I won’t even be that interested at first in the museum I pick, but I really like the fact that there is something that will always catch my attention.

So why am I starting this convo? Is this going to be another one of those “10 Museums you have to visit” posts – something that I’ll probably find myself writing anyway in the next months – NO. I’m going to give you a heads up that has to do with the beauty of museum in Italy, and really this time all around the world.

What am I going to talk about today has to do with ICOM – International Council of Museums – and the yearly event they have to promote the importance museums have in our life. The 18th of May, since 1977, ICOM has been organising International Museum Day – or IMD – a day to remember all about the role museums play in our lives, not just as a place of knowledge, but a place in which we can get together and understand a variety of cultures that are different from our own.

Now last years event was centred on how museums would evolve with the massive use of technology in todays society, the name of the vent was Hyperconnected museums: new approaches, new publics. While this year ICOM wants to focus on a more traditional aspect, the concept of Cultural Hubs and how tradition will evolve with our ever-growing society.

So this 18th of May, be ready to visit as many museums as you can, and not only in Italy wherever you are. Also, keep in mind that some museums might even have events going on for the duration of the whole week rather than only the 18th itself, plus they’re also in most cases free events to the public, sooooo what are you waiting for? Get yourself some culture in that noggin’.


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