If you’re planning on staying in Italy for the summer, or you’re just thinking about visiting the amazing beaches the country has to offer, or just the beautiful beaches Sicily has to offer, you should keep this range of dates in mind the 10th to the 13th of August.

Why those exact date? I’ll tell you why cause it’s the best time to see some shooting stars! What is better than shooting stars on an Italian beach while having a great little aperitivo? Not much that’s for sure.

So, when we think about San Lorenzo we have to keep in mind that the actual date falls on the 10th of August, but depending on weather conditions you may not be able to see them, cause you know clouds tend to cover the stars. A good thing you could do is just check the forecast, and if the weather isn’t gonna be great just enjoy that aperitivo of yours.

Anyway drinks aside, the best places to see the “fuochi di San Lorenzo” is usually the beach, it’s in a time Fram as well that has every beach town ready for the summer festivities, like Ferragosto, and you’ll get to see amazing little fairs, eat great fish-based street food and go in for a swim. Do I need to convince you more? I mean that’s all you need to know about going to the beach in August.

Now if you were thinking about coming to Italy in the summer and you were wondering what dates you should visit, I just did your homework. So go online book your tickets, book your rooms, and go about to find some beautiful shooting stars to wish upon. It’s San Lorenzo.


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