As you know we’re always looking to teach you guys some peculiar phrases from various regions, we started with our own lovely Florence, and we started going moving down south so you can enjoy the warm beach days on the Southern Italian Beaches.

So, we talked about Italian Slang, Common Italian Phrases, Sicilian slang, My love in Italian dictionary what are we going to look at now? One of my personal favourite cities, and I’m also gonna say one of the most beautiful cities in all of Italy: Naples, Napoli.

Neapolitan is a unique dialect and considered by linguists it’s own language, because of its conquest by Spanish, Catalan, French, and Arab factions, the region picked up words here and there and created a way to speak that is very different from canonical Italian.

neapolitan slang

So, what exactly are we going to look at today? Are we going to find some Neapolitan Ice cream slang? Nope not today, but I’ll leave you a “cuppitiéllo” so you can ask for an ice cream cone when you’re there. Are we going to look at the difference between a Neapolitan pizza vs Margherita?

Nope cause that really doesn’t make a lot of sense, being that Margherita is the original Neapolitan Pizza. But, Chris what are we going to look at then?

Neapolitan dictionary

It’s got to do with Neapolitan Slang even though a Neapolitan slang dictionary would take ages to complete, cause as I said earlier Neapolitan is more of its own language than a generic slang, meaning that you won’t find any Neapolitan slang phrases, but rather you’ll find Neapolitan sayings.

Now you must be wondering what exactly are we going to talk about in this post. We’re going to look at the second trademark of Naples: Love ?. Neapolitan love phrases are some of the most romantic you can find, and some of the most passionate ones as well, so we’re going to give you a quick English to Neapolitan Italian translation guide you can use when you want to impress someone down south, but when it comes to Neapolitan pronunciation you’re gonna need a lot of field work.

Neapolitan Phrases

neapolitan love phrases

Te voglio bene assaje – Ti voglio tanto bene – I really like You

Let’s start with the easy ones of our Neapolitan phrasebook, a classic in the Neapolitan Love Phrases almost every song that comes out of Naples has this phrase in it. I’m talking about the classic songs you’ve probably heard if you have Italian heritage in your family.

Me songhe ‘nnammurate ‘e té – Mi sono innamorato di te – I fell in Love with You.

Now lets up the ante and show you’re significant other that you really fell in love with them with this strong declaration, very straightforward, but strong nonetheless.

Tu me faje arrevutà – Mi stravolgi – You twist me up.

And now let’s start turning it up, cause I told you how Naples is a very passionate city right? From here on you’ll realise that our classic I love yous and so on are nothing compare to these declarations. As you tell your other about how much they twist you up you have to emphasis it with your voice as well.

Tu si l’azzurro dò mare sì duci e si amar – Sei l’azzurro del mare, dolce e amara – You’re like the blue of the sea, sweet and sour.

Here we’re looking at some really intense loving going on, I mean you probably haven’t conquered them yet, but you’re definitely trying to. I mean if you don’t get any reaction out of this one, you’ve probably messed up something on the way, but it should work.

Chi vo’ male a chist’ammore prima soffre e doppe more – Chi vuole male a questo amore prima soffre e dopo muore – Whoever is against this love, suffers and then dies.

For the grand finale, the most intense love phrase there is. More of a “Malocchio” than an actual love phrase, you’re trying to protect the love that you have by having whoever hopes by luck upon some some pretty nasty repercussions. But hey, it’s passion.



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