Milan rocks! 

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Visit the Salone del Mobile 2023 and turn your trip into an enlightening cultural experience 

Hello from Italy, Studentsville blog readers! Spring is on its way, and we’re looking forward to the sunshine, budding blooms, and exciting events that come with it. Yes, because there’ll be way more than just flowers blossoming in Italy, especially in Milan, this coming spring… 

Longing for a fresh outlook on culture and lifestyle? Visit Milan in April, and you’ll discover what the future holds in store. 

Here’s why. 

Milan, glamorous and forward-thinking

First and foremost, Milan is unique. There’s nothing simple, rustic, or standard about this northern Italian city. Fast-paced, upbeat, glamorous, and self-confident, it’s the worldwide capital of fashion and design, a true haven of creativity where talent meets ingenuity and thought-provoking architecture blends with high-tech inventiveness. It comes as no surprise that the world’s grandest and most far-reaching design and furniture fair, the Salone del Mobile, is held here. 

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Milan Design Week: the Salone del Mobile and Euroluce

Every year, designers, buyers, and connoisseurs from around the globe flock to Milan to display, purchase, and admire the latest in design and furniture. Every other year, the Salone, as it’s commonly called in the field, also includes Euroluce, the international trade fair that showcases indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. The variety of distinctive objects, cutting-edge furnishings, indoor and outdoor accessories, and clairvoyant lighting solutions exhibited is nothing short of mind-blowing. 

Why everyone loves the Salone

The striking thing about this trade fair is that it has a magnetic attractiveness: all kinds of visitors, even those who aren’t in the business, visit the Salone to know what’s trending in interior and outdoor architecture and decor. We all like imagining what our homes and workplaces could, or will, look like in the future, don’t we? Well, that’s why everyone loves the Salone!

The 2023 edition: dates and details

This year, the Salone del Mobile will be held from Tuesday, April 18 to Sunday, April 23. The premises are those customarily used at Fiera Milano Rho, but what you’ll see is far from customary or conventional. What makes the 2023 edition unique is that it will feature several key innovations, including a revamped visitor-friendly exhibit layout and experiential displays designed to enhance one’s experience. 

When and how one can visit the Salone

Access to the Salone del Mobile 2023 is reserved for those who work in the field (architects, designers, distributors, retailers, exporters, importers, facility managers, general contractors, interior decorators, and lighting designers) from April 18 to April 21, open to the public on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April. Students (carrying proof of their status) may visit the displays on Friday 21 as well as over the weekend. See entrance fees and more details on the official website.

What’s up outside the trade fair?

Alongside the official events, there’s the Fuorisalone: installations, exhibits, performances, lectures, workshops, concerts, and parties held throughout the city and open to the public. Needless to say, these happenings add pizzazz and allow visitors who are not in the field to gain insight into the design scenario and admire enlightening novelties even outside the official trade fair displays. 

How to plan a perfect visit to Milan and the Salone

Looking forward to planning a trip to Milan in April to see the Salone del Mobile? That’s great! One thing to keep in mind is that the fair is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday only, whereas if you’re a student you can choose to see it on Friday 21 as well. You’ll want to plan other activities to enjoy while in Milan, and of course there are sights to see, and plenty of shops… but do you really want to be a tourist? 

Why not turn your trip to Milan into a real lifestyle experience instead?

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What to do in Milan without being a tourist

  • See the Fuorisalone shows and take part in its unique events
  • Indulge in ossobuco, mondeghili, risotto alla Milanese, etc.
  • Stroll down the Navigli
  • Enjoy aperitivi
  • Dance the night away in a cool Milanese club 

How to make the most of your time in Milan 

The above, along with seeing the Salone del Mobile, are just a few of the great things you can do in Milan if you choose to be a traveler, rather than a mere tourist. But you’d enjoy them all much more if you knew some Italian… now, I imagine you’re thinking that learning a language takes time, and that’s usually true, but we’ve got some great news. There’s a school where you can immerse yourself in the language by taking an Intensive course that combines group classes and individual classes. 

Can you really learn Italian in one week?

Yes, you can! All you need to do is spend one week in Milan when you fly over to see the Salone, and you’ll be able to dive straight into la lingua italiana thanks to the innovative courses offered by Il Centro.

About Il Centro

Il Centro – Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri – (literally “Center of Italian language and culture for foreigners”) was founded by a team of teachers and has been providing students from all over the world with engaging, stress-free, carefully crafted learning experiences for over 35 years. Today, it’s one of Europe’s leading-edge learning hubs.

What you’ll find at Il Centro

Native Italian language teachers who love what they do and strive to share their knowledge with their students, a trailblazing teaching method, leading-edge didactics, and classes crafted to meet the needs of attendees. Yes, because Il Centro’s courses allow you to focus on what you need to learn, including the vocabulary and syntax of specific fields. This means you can take a class centered on business or legal terminology, or one that allows you to dive straight into the design world you’re seeing at the Salone del Mobile!

Taking an Intensive Il Centro course means enjoying Milan much more

Enrolling in one of Il Centro’s Intensive Combined Italian language courses means you’ll attend a group class in the morning, hence meet new people and practice with them, and an individual class with a dedicated teacher in the afternoon. In just a few days, you’ll have improved your language skills noticeably, and this will allow you to enjoy the Salone and anything else you do in Milan much more.

From your Italian class to the Salone pronto 

Last, but by no means least, Il Centro stands in an exceptional location: it’s in the heart of the trendy Brera design district, just a quick subway ride from Fiera Milano Rho and the Salone del Mobile!

Summing it up, all you need to do to turn springtime 2023 into an enlightening cultural experience is

  1. buy your ticket for the Salone del Mobile
  2. enroll in an Intensive Italian language course at Il Centro
  3. book your flight

Any questions about the classes? Just contact Il Centro for more information and details.


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