From the 20th of September all the way to the 1st of march you’ll be able to visit Palazzo Albergati and enjoy a beautiful exhibition on one of my favorite artists. Marc Chagall.

We all know about Marc Chagall, and if you never had the chance to visit some of his retrospectives, this is the best time for you to go. As you’ll get to chance to see up to 150 of his works, all in one of the best locations in Bologna. You’ll also be able to see his incisions and learn more about his relationship with his wife Bella Rosenfeld.

“When you did catch a glimpse of his eyes, they were as blue as if they’d fallen straight out of the sky. They were strange eyes … long, almond-shaped … and each seemed to sail along by itself, like a little boat.”

Bella Rosenfeld on her husband, Marc Chagall

A recurring theme in Chagall’s art, his wife Bella was the font of inspiration for all of his works, the reason he was able to be such a proficient artist, was the love he and Bella Rosenfeld shared. This will be something you’ll be able to see when you arrive in Palazzo Albergati. But you’ll also be able to learn more about his passion for what is sacred, like how he would take inspiration from the Bible to create some of his paintings. While also reflecting on the role of Humanity during the years that brought us to WWI.

The venue will be open from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm every day of the week, and tickets cost from €7.50 to €16.50 depending on if you want a guide or not.

Now if you want more info you can check out our main site and from there you will be able to buy tickets for the event and find other great things to do in Bologna. In the meantime enjoy the expo and let us know what you think about it.


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