Ladies and Gents, this is our final chapter on Leonardo. You probably feel like you know all there is to know on the artist/genius, but it’s never too late to learn something new, that’s why I thought why not close it off with the most open ending ever on such a paragon of wisdom. Giving you the locations and cities in which you can find a bunch of Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Italy, this way you can see first hand what the genius created from original concepts to demonstrations of his sketches. A Leonardo museum is always a great day out, especially now that the weather is being really weird in Italy, with it being June in a couple of days but it doesn’t stop raining, so you think about celebrating his 500th year anniversary by visiting a Da Vinci museum. I mean why not right?

Within the Leonardo da Vinci museum activities are rampant, from demos of his works put into practice, and 1:1 reproduction of the master’s creations. It’s literally what you could imagine a science fair in the 1400s would look like. Keep in mind that it’s a museum of science da Vinci rather than art, so don’t expect to go in and see the Mona Lisa, cause if you’re a Da Vinci fan, you should know it isn’t in Italy at all.

So, where do you visit a Leonardo museum? Good question, now you’ll have a couple of cities to choose from. You’ve got the Leonardo da Vinci museum Florence that is the obvious choice if you’re in the town of Renaissance, where Leonardo started his carrier in the arts and science. But, you can also visit the Leonardo da Vinci museum in Vinci, his hometown, where Leonardo lived in the earliest stages of his life and was tutored to become a genius. Thinking about it in Florence you also have the Leonardo da Vinci experience Florence, a different approach to Leonardo, something you should definitely check out.

But you’re not going to be in Tuscany during your semester, that isn’t a problem at all, you can visit a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in all of Italy at the moment, you could imagine that it being the 500th year of his anniversary the country is going mad with Leonardo events, and you are right. But let’s look at those places that have been sponsoring Leonardo for a longer time than the Hype-span.

If you’re up north you’ve got two choices regarding the Leonardo museums. You’ve got the museum of Leonardo da Vinci Milan that is super close to Duomo, in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, at the end near the exit into Leonardo da Vinci square. If you’ve had enough of Milan and want to visit another place for a bit why not go to the Laguna city of Venice and enjoy an afternoon at the Leonardo da Vinci museum Venice. Cause let’s be honest why not see the sites and at a certain point spend some time indoors and play genius.


Now, the last museum that I can sponsor is also the last Leonardo museum Italy has to offer, that’s the Leonardo da Vinci museum piazza del Popolo in the city center, so no need to worry on how to get there and how to get back. One thing I can’t say for sure is what is the best Leonardo da Vinci museum for that I’m going to wait on you to visit them all and judge for yourself, let us know which one you enjoyed the most!



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