Sure Italy has a huge reputation for food, fashion, art, but what did I never really talk about? Soccer/Football (at least you’re all happy), but let’s call it by its real name…Calcio. Italy has an amazing history when it comes to the Italy national football team, you can’t forget about the 2006 World Cup held up by Cannavaro if you have any passion for the sport. And the subsequent downfall of the Italy football team in the various tournaments that came after. 

Italy national football team

Before I go any further I want to say that the main reason you should know a couple of things about soccer/football is that it’s a great way to talk to locals here in Italy. You don’t need to start a fantasy league, just take some info from here and there.

So, yesterday I posted about Calcio Storico in Florence (so read about it), but today we talk about Calcio and how much Italians love this sport. I mean I have to say being here for so long, I started to enjoy the Italian football league myself. Also, the Azzurri (the Italian football team nickname) has been my favorite national team.

Italy national football team

How can I not like it when this year the Italy national football team roster has the likes of Marco Verratti, Lorenzo Insigne, Federico Chiesa, Ciro Immobile, and many more Italian football players that you’ll see yourself if you’re interested in this year’s Euro 2020. Hopefully, this Italy national football team won’t perform like the last European competition, starting real strong and loosing drastically in the final.

Before I answer some internet questions, let’s look at some Italian football news in English. At the moment the run for the title is between three teams. Juventus, Lazio, and Inter, in this order. With Juventus having a 1 point lead over Lazio and a three-point lead over Inter. This year’s competition is going to be really intense, as there are still 14 matches to go.

What is the oldest Italian football club?

There is a lot of discussion about this, but the main consensus is that Torino is the oldest one.

Italian football news in english

How many World Cups did the Italian national football team win?

Italy won 4 World Cups, bested only by Brasil with 5, and tied with Germany at 4.

Who are the top 10 Italian football players?

I wish I could answer that honestly but I’m a Napoli fan, so I’m just going to say the Napoli players (I know a team is made of 11 players, I’m not a big fan of one of them, but I’m not gonna single him out). Even though this year the team is underperforming, last year we were second, now we’re struggling to get sixth.


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