You’re thinking about visiting Italy, and you’re probably in the mood to feel as Italian as possible while you’re here. Maybe you’re already thinking about how to be Italian now looping that be Italian song that used to be pretty big back in the 2000s. But how do you follow the footsteps of Italian people without falling into funny Italian stereotypes? That’s tricky but I’ll do my best to help you out.

how to be italian

I’ll start with saying maybe don’t go look for Italian videos, cause you don’t want to be looking at a 40 min video that tells you the same things that you can find in this amaze post you’re. Going through right now, or maybe do both, cause it’s your time, not mine. Why would I say that? It’s mostly because the only way to really know how to act Italian is by living the Italian experience. Meet Italian people, as a way to understand their culture and exchange thoughts on the Italian experience you’re having. Do Italian things that personally means drink espressos at the bar and not sitting down (I’ll dwell deeper into this as I keep going). And finally the last and most important thing is to visit Italy as most as possible, cause being Italian is different in every region, the way a Milanese and a Roman are Italian are quite different, and the only way to understand what Italian is more up your alley is to visit as many cities and regions you possibly can.

Now let’s see how Italian are you, not with a test cause that’s like tres old school, but through the process of elimination. If you see yourself in any of the coming facts you’re already on the right path, and if you aren’t no need to worry cause it takes time to be Italian.

How do you take your coffee?

So one of the most important aspects of the Italian experience is coffee ( read 10 types of italian coffee decoded and pronounced). The only thing that really connects Italians is the way they love their coffee. North and South aren’t really into each other that much, but if you get a Neapolitan and a Torinese together and sit them down in front of a really good coffee all is forgotten. It’s like that Pepsi ad from way back, but it actually works, it’s a bit scary. Anyway, let’s get back to the question. Coffee is supposed to be enjoyed, and that means a small shot of it, the infamous espresso, but that doesn’t mean that something like a cappuccino isn’t. Why is that the case? Cause a Cappuccino is a shot of coffee drowned in foamy milk.

When you go to a bar (in Italy a bar is a breakfast joint, not a nightclub) you usually tend to order your coffee at the “bar” of the bar and drink it there, a single file of coffee drinkers is the most Italian scene ever. Another thing you’ll hear when getting a coffee at the bar is the click-clack of the spoons hitting the sides of the cups, that’s actually not that rude here, cause how are you gonna melt your sugar if you’re all coy about it. 

A gazillion different sauces for your pasta

One of the biggest stereotypes is how Italians only eat pasta, and you know what they do eat a lot of it ( read more about the italian phrases to use at restaurant). The thing is, that pasta is more like bread here, so if you’re eating a lot of sandwiches you’re not always getting the same fillings I imagine ( interested in italian food region by region?). It’s the same with pasta here, a true Italian knows a different sauce for every day of the month, at least they’re eating something different every day. But always with pasta. Now I know you’re thinking about Nonnas’ sauce, and you know what that is something that is the epitome of Italian cuisine, that’s why Italy has the best cuisine ever, cause every Nonna has a special sauce and there are a lot of Nonnas in the country, making it unofficially the country with most people that have amazing sauces ( want to learn italian cooking?).

Time off is TIME OFF

I remember my mum used to have this book called the art of doing nothing, never read it but I imagine it was something like relaxing and actually relax when you’re supposed to have some time for yourself. Italians defo don’t need a book on this,  cause they know better than anyone how to enjoy their own time. If it’s sitting in doing f’all, they’ll do it with such finesse that you’d think you’re in some sort of chilling competition. Even the way Italian. Enjoy their coffee when they have time off is different, they’ll drink it and just stand at the bar talking to the bartenders, the people next to them or just reading the paper for hours on end. It’s a talent, my fellows.

Everyplace you go deserves a different style

Another pretty big aspect of Italian life in style. Even if it’s not like luxury level you can always tell an Italian is around from the way they dress. Some dress better than others, but everyone has a particular sense of style compared to the rest of Europe. Italians have to know how important it is to make an impression, and they do it through fashion as well.

I hope that you were able to find some pointers on italian culture, or you confirmed your status, in the meantime get ready to enjoy your stay in Italy to practice how Italian you can be.



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