Why build in Italy?

Evocative towns, a warm atmosphere and pleasurable lifestyle. Gorgeous scenery, a vibrant cultural scene and splendid architectural buildings. Italy is a haven of beauty and wholesomeness and which attracts all. Architecture students from all over the world come here to start learning the rule of art in terms of historical heritage protection, house renovation, new constructions. 

How long does it take to build a house in Italy?

Many foreign people are interested in building a house in Italy. There are entrepreneurs who like to build their villas in the countryside of Perugia or Arezzo, design lovers who want to re-imagine their flats in Milan city center. So, how long does it take to build a house in Italy? First of all, let’s say Italian houses are really solid – here in Italy building materials are solid. This means we don’t use prefab houses. Secondarily, Italian laws regarding architectural restrictions and new constructions are very rigid. If you don’t know what are the rules of this game, you can get lost in the sea of red tape.

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Curious about the Italy construction industry?

Are you a young architect daydreaming about building beautiful Italian houses? An inquisitive architecture student thinking about a semester abroad? Or a discerning business man desirous to build in Italy? 

No nonsense insider’s tips 

Whichever your profession read on for straight-to-the-point insider’s tips on how to handle the knotty points of building a house in Italy. 

How much does it cost to build a house in Italy?

To find out exactly how much it costs to build a house in Italy, in terms of both financial and personal commitment, you need:

  1. to have all the necessary info concerning permits and environmental/artistic building restrictions.
  2. to get the facts on legal building and/or restoring requirements straight.
  3. reliable expert know-how: at least a pro design architect and construction company.

General contractor Italy – why you really need one 

Easygoing as Italy may seem from abroad its bureaucratic and legislative scenarios are… chock full of rules! Having a reliable, trustworthy and English-speaking general contractor in Italy is the only way you’ll get through the maze.

How much does it cost to build a house in Italy? Issue 1 – the permits

Among the main, and most stressful, issues you have to deal with are i permessi, i.e. the permits. To build a house in Italy, and even just to have an idea of how much it’s going to cost, you have to keep the permits in mind. There are regional permits, city permits, building permits, digging permits and even white-washing permits to be obtained. Finding out which you need, and where and by when they need to be processed, may be disheartening. And very expensive.

How much does it cost to build a house in Italy? Issue 2 – the restrictions

Dream of building an Italian country house in Tuscany? Or a modern Italian house in an art city or pretty village? Beware of the restrictions! Environmental restrictions for building in the countryside, seaside and mountains. Historic and artistic restrictions in art cities and towns. And even paint-color restrictions

Need examples of?

Local and regional legislation on building and restoring are very strict. Planning on giant windows in the master bedroom? Uh uh, no hacking at Renaissance walls! Want to paint your villetta in Bologna pale yellow? Not happening: it’s got to be soft red brick color, like all buildings in the historic centre.

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Don’t lose your spirit – contact a qualified Italian general contractor

So, to know how much it costs to build a house in Italy you need to get to the top of the permits, restrictions and rules. Figuring it out on your own, and from abroad, is unrealistic. Plus, you need to be able to count on honest and level-headed architects and builders. Doing all this by yourself means you will, inevitably, lose (a lot of) time and money. And enthusiasm too.

Proficient Italian contractors allow you to make the most of it

Expert handling of the bureaucracy, well-rounded suggestions and trained know-how. All-round legal insight and well-practiced local knowledge.That’s what you need to build a house in Italy. 

A trustworthy general contractor in Italy

Someone skilled whom you can get a straight answer from, when you ask: how long does it take to build a house in Italy? 

Having a capable licensed general contractor by your side means they deal with the hassles, you make the choices and then…enjoy the results!. 

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Insider’s advice 

I’ve lived in Italy all my life and would never embark on building a house without a reliable partner. My advice? Staredil, the number one general contractor in Italy, a leader in the Italy construction industry. Comprising a tightly knit crew of highly experienced professionals Staredil offers high-standard services, and all-round English-speaking assistance, in all aspects of construction and restoration.


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