There’s one thing I love about living in Italy, and it isn’t only about the art, the fashion, the architecture, or the food. It’s the ceremony that goes into grabbing a simple coffee. Also, the fact that the coffee is good makes the whole ordeal so much nicer. I used to live in London for 5 years, and I do love myself a nice and tall Americano, but there are few things that beat getting an Italian espresso. Now anyone that’s been to Italy knows how important coffee culture is, and you also know that it’s given that you have your cafè standing up at the bar. But what is the situation like today while there are still preventive measures in place to stop the spread of Covid-19? Let’s find out what it’s like to grab an espresso in Florence in this “Post-Covid” scenario we’re living.

Don’t know what coffee to grab at the bar? Well find out with these 10 types of Coffee, and if you’re trying to cut on coffee expenses here is how to make an espresso in a Moka the proper way.

Now keep in mind that the main preventive measure in place is social distancing at this point, also that we need to wear a face mask when we’re out. So…how do you grab an espresso in Florence while social distancing and wearing a face mask????? HOW?!?!?!?!?!

espresso post covid
Photo by Gabi Miranda on Unsplash

Let’s start from the beginning, from walking into the bar to get your espresso in Florence. The first thing you do is sanitize your hands with the hand sanitizer that’s at the front door. A pretty simple thing to do, and you know what I’m starting to like this thing with free hand sanitizer everywhere.

After that go to the counter and order your espresso. But you have to do so while social distancing with others, so it’s not like the good old days where you’re cramming up with other Italians that are late for work. Now if all the pre-distanced spots at the counter are full you wait. Making getting even more relaxing than before.

Luckily, once you get your coffee you can lower your face mask to drink it. One thing you still can’t do is add your own sugar (that’s if the bar has the sugar dispensers if they have sugar packets you’re on your own). And I’ve got to say that I realize how much sugar I put in my coffee cause they always give me a weird look when they’re pouring it in.

So the post-covid situation is: Wash those hands, social distance, and have sugar poured into your espresso. Nothing to drastic, especially with the coffee being so f**** good.

You know what…I’m gonna go out and grab myself a coffee now.


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