In a time where many things are bleak and dark, there is always a little place for creative output. This is what I’m going to talk about today. In an empty Florence, the team behind Studio Riprese Firenze brought about a video that shows not only the deserted streets of the city but the reaction of the city’s statues that overlook and guard citizens and visitors alike.

An Empty Florence is just part of what this pandemic is all about, we see this in all of the major capitals of the world. The people of Florence in this time of need have started an operation called Ceste Sopese, and we wrote about that if you want to know more. If you’re interested in seeing how Italy’s been coping with the pandemic check out the Coronavirus Italy Update post, that is updated anytime anything newsworthy regarding the pandemic happens.

This is To Humans, From Florence. An interpretation of how the statues of the city reacted to the lockdown in place, and what are the feelings they felt during this forced quarantine without Florentines, and without visitors.

It’s a heart-warming scene, but also a revelation of how beautiful Florence is. This isn’t news for anyone, but being able to see the city in a whole new light has made it somehow even more breathtaking. Without tourism, it’s true that the city will have short-lived economic prosperity. But even for someone like myself to get a glimpse of what the city is without the hustle and bustle of our previous life, you find yourself really appreciating the beauty of it all, the beauty of am empty city, but beautifully built.

An empty Florence isn’t something that I personally hope will persist, but the chance to get a bit of fresh air without having to think about what street is going to be too packed with people is pretty relaxing. Even though relaxing isn’t exactly the word I would use to describe the mood of this day and age.

an empty Florence from above

So, if you aren’t lucky enough to be here, but you love the city nonetheless, you should definitely check out the video linked above, virtually visit Florence, and once this is all over grab the first tickets you can get your hands on and come over to visit. We’re waiting and so are the statues of the city.


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