Wedding in the Vineyard: the Countryside at its best

What about a wedding in the countryside? Friends who have experienced it say it can take on different colors and connotations. But what are your personal feelings?

Some have enough with the simple and successful one-day farmhouse wedding. Others aim for an even more engaging experience including side activities, as well as overnight stays for the guests.

Getting married in Tuscany

The countryside is the perfect location for marriage, an event that is all about conviviality, fun, and getting together. Speaking of top rural settings in Italy, we can only start with Tuscany. A region where the integrity of the man-made landscape has been preserved, that furrow created by the joint passage of man’s brush over the colors of nature. The vineyard has always represented the iconic environment of this relationship. 

getting married countryside

Getting married in Maremma at Tenuta Casadei

Tuscany is full of castles, villas, farmhouses, and estates that lend themselves to becoming magnificent locations for wedding events. Getting married at Tenuta Casadei, dancing and celebrating in the vineyards is something different. If you are looking for a true experience, this is one of the best places to get married in Tuscany.

At Tenuta Casadei there are no tractors, trucks or vehicles – only men and horses (Photo Credits: Tenuta Casadei – Località S. Rocco,Suvereto)

Following the Casadei’s philosophy means considering the farmhouse and its inhabitants a unique living organism. The farm – made up of the vines, the animals, the people, the plants and all the living beings that help keep it in balance – is itself a living being. This is the vision of the BioIntegrale® production method. A winemaking method that, while complying with Organic and Biodynamic specifications, enjoys its singularity. An approach that leaves a unique imprint on the history of each bottle.

Stefano Casadei and Fred Cline, the oenologists behind this Suvereto-based winery, agree that “BioIntegrale is a way of thinking, to let agriculture meet again nature by protecting the biodiversity of life forms“.

A unique wedding at Tenuta Casadei

Tenuta Casadei is a modern farm endowed with natural views, the ideal stage for getting married, supported by comforting and welcoming facilities. Elegant indoor halls and evocative outdoor spaces make this estate the ideal location for your quality bridal party in Maremma.

An original experience that will remain imprinted in your guests’ hearts for a long time. Here you will not find unbridled luxury, nor the wellness services of a spa. You can, however, organise a customised event, including visits to the winery and discovery tours of the farm.

wedding ceremony at tenuta casadei
Everything is ready – let’s start the ceremony! (Photo Credits: Tenuta Casadei – Località S. Rocco,Suvereto)

Suvereto, Alta Maremma Toscana

Have you ever heard about Suvereto and Colline Metallifere? We are in the province of Livorno, in the Alta Maremma (Alta means high, so North). Suvereto old village is worth a thousand visits: it is a medieval borgo located just a few kilometers from the sea. Tastings and wine-related events take place here throughout the year, as well as the famous Sagra del Cinghiale (wild boar festival). 

There are dozens of wineries operating in this area, taking advantage of excellent pedoclimatic conditions for the vinification of international and local grapes.

Being a short distance from more touristic areas such as Bolgheri, therein lies the enchantment enclosed in this experience. A wedding also needs a certain amount of intimacy.

Suvereto – Porta Sud I CC 3.0 License – Photo Credits Sailko on Wikimedia
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