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“Pull me up” is the translation of Tiramisù. For sure it refers to the strong caloric contribution, which is supposed to give an aphrodisiac help.What is basic for this delicious dessert is the freshness – and safety – of the ingredients: Mascarpone, which is a cheese from Northern Italy with a high contents of fat and the eggs, which are usually raw.Marcella Ansaldo suggests a method for a “really safe” ......
My mother was pregnant with me the day her father took her to visit the kitchen of the cargo ship where he was working as the crew cook.They went down the narrow stairs to get to the underwater level kitchen.My mother, being a weak-stomach person, got immediately sick with the smell of paint, petrol, salt, moisture and fried onions that characterizes the belly of cargo ships. She didn't say anything, but the pale colour of her cheeks spoke for her.She resisted, more because of her innate curiosity than of the willingness to not upset her father. So they entered the small room that my grandfather used to keep clean, tidy and rich with the wonderful pans of food he was able to create with the little money budgeted for the crew.
Many cooks say that for a good ragu’ different kinds of meat are required: beef, pork, lamb, veal. Purists say that only beef meat is required. I don’t dislike to mix a crumbled good fresh and rather lean sausage with the ground beef. Meat sauce – or ragù – is made with different meats all over Italy: in the south, especially Apulia, there is a predilection for lamb. In Napoli the meat is not ground: they rather use a whole piece of beef to stew for six or seven hours. What seems to be in common is the use of tomato. Not everybody knows that the tomato is a recent addition to Italian recipes, being original from America....Marcella Ansaldo invite you to visit her web site: or to contact her at

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