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Trumpets blare, the soft clinking of a metal breastplate bounces off the narrow walls, and leather creaks as the parade marches by while three young emergency medical aids do their best to explain to me,...
Study-abroad students will get up to 40 percent off the regular ticket price at the ticket office at Franchi Stadium (via Duprè 28 Rosso, tel. 055/5532803; will also get discounts on all merchandise purchased at the official store and can take guided tours of Franchi stadium before home games on Mondays. Schools can also organize field trips to watch home games.For more info:
Sunday after the strike is finally ready to begin the championship of the "Fiorentina", a journey through 38 games including 19 at the Artemio Franchi stadium.Tickets are on sale on presales and around the city.
Opening this weekend the 2011 season of racing at the Mugello circuit. A schedule of events, which will alternate until the winter on the track with car and motorbike races and practice sessions. The main event for the cars will be the "Ferrari Challenge" which will be staged during the last weekend of September (23 / 9 - 25 / 9). As for motorbikes, the appointment is for the first weekend of July (1 / 7 - 3 / 7) with the World Championship that will be riding Valentino Rossi, Stoner and all the protagonists of the MotoGP.
In the wake of the spread of American football in Italy, ten years ago was born in the city's team of "Guelfi - Florence".A group of fans who quickly gave birth to a team, close and competitive, able to emerge in the Italian football scene.Since March, will share the season with the Serie A2 which will take the field at the stage of Viale Fanti.Like any football team, the "Guelfi" have their team of cheerleaders to support them and encourage them, the "Gigliette".
All motorcycle and car enthusiasts dream of one day turn on the Mugello circuit, a few weeks it has become possible to do something like that.In early October it was inaugurated Mugellino, the new track for go-karts and minibikes built inside the famous circuit.There are two possibilities for you to experience:alone - with 15 euro for 10 minutes testgroup - with the mini gp, with tests, qualifications, and warm-up race. (Price varies depending on the number of participants)Security is guaranteed by the circuit that provides suit and helmet hire only precaution is the use of closed shoes.More information hereTo reach the circuit
Florence and Rome will host the third phase of World Championship (4 to 6 October). Four rounds with 12 teams. The first team from each group will play for 1st - 4th place. The second ranked teams from each group will play for the 5th - 8th place, and third-placed teams will play for the 9th - 12th place. Florence also will host the finals ( October 8)for 9th - 12th place.
Meeting on Sunday November, 29th 2009 with the 26th edition of the International classic road raceThe wrapping glamour of centuries of art, history and culture accompanies you step by step along the 42 kilometres and 195 meters of the Florence Marathon. A unique emotion which can be told only by those who have run in Florence and which has made the classic race of Florence an appointment that cannot be missed by thousand of sportsmen and enthusiasts who each year punctually come from all over the worldBenini244 R on the last Sunday in November.
The club was promptly re-established in August 2002 as Associazione Calcio Fiorentina e Florentia Viola with shoe and leather entrepreneur Diego Della Valle as new owner, and was admitted into Serie C2, the fourth tier of Italian football. The only player to remain at the club in its new incarnation was Angelo Di Livio, whose commitment to club's cause further endeared him to the fans. Helped by Di Livio and 30-goal striker Christian Riganò, the club won its Serie C2 group with considerable ease, which would normally have led to a promotion to Serie C1. However, due to the bizarre Caso Catania (Catania Case) the club skipped Serie C1 and was admitted into Serie B, something that was only made possible by the Italian Football Federation's decision to resolve the Catania situation by increasing the number of teams in Serie B from 20 to 24 and promoting Fiorentina for "sports merits". In the 2003 off-season, the club also bought back the right to use the Fiorentina name and the famous shirt design, and re-incorporated itself as ACF Fiorentina.
In 1980 Fiorentina was bought by Flavio Pontello, from a rich house-builder family. He quickly changed the team's anthem and logo, leading to some complaints by the fans, but he started to bring in high-quality players such as Francesco Graziani and Eraldo Pecci from Torino, Daniel Bertoni from Sevilla, Daniele Massaro from Monza and a young Pietro Vierchowod from Sampdoria. The team was built around Giancarlo Antognoni, and in Serie A 1981-82 Fiorentina were involved in an exciting duel with rival Juventus. After a bad injury to Antognoni, the league title was decided on the final day of the season, when Fiorentina were denied a goal against Cagliari and were unable to win. Juventus won the title with a disputed penalty, and the rivalry between the two teams erupted.

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