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Alchimia is a school of contemporary jewellery and design in Florence, Italy, based in Oltrarno, Florence's historic artisan district. The school's philosophy is to provide students an innovative lab of creative thought, rooted in a deep understanding of traditional goldsmith techniques.In courses offered from beginning to advanced levels, students develop strong technical skills guided by a capacity to elaborate artistic concepts and their own creative language. This teaching method, fine tuned over the past twelve years and focused on the students and their individual nature, has produced results of a very high quality, with peaks of excellence made evident by many international prized acknowledgements.
Sunday after the strike is finally ready to begin the championship of the "Fiorentina", a journey through 38 games including 19 at the Artemio Franchi stadium.Tickets are on sale on presales and around the city.
Just a litte preview of the new Hard Rock Cafè in Florence.
They are a perfect solution for those who desire to combine their spare time during holidays with a new stimulating experience. Following a precise methodology and guided by professors from the chosen field, students will experience the development of aproject specific to their interests.Accomodation will be a singles room in a shared flat in the city centre of Florence. Linen, air conditioning and WiFi connection will be included.Summer Courses in IED Florence:- Fashion Events and PRStart date: 4th July 2011 | Duration: 3 Weeks | Language: engMain course objective is to provide an overview on all processes involved in staging a fashion show and the required PR skills to build and co-ordinate a communication strategy.Students develop a wide understanding of promotion in the fashion industry, fashion as a means of cultural communication, professional organization of fashion promotion and its specific language and techniques. Participants train these skills in the final event.A Fashion Event Manager is involved in planning events such as runway shows, launch of new products or brands, store openings, corporate events. But is also trained to establish connections with consumers and fashion, accessories, style, apparel and market editors at top trade magazines, worldwide media.
Florence Skyline by night...View the set on Flickr
Cabin seats
I was doing the unthinkable, on the brink of breaking my new year’s resolution, booking a flight home from Pisa to London, with Ryanair. The reasons for my personal boycott of this particular no frills, no thrills airline were perfectly valid but it was a long time ago since I last flew with them. Surely it couldn’t still be that much of an unpleasant experience? They were still operating, after all.So, at my computer I negotiate my way through the online booking process, lured in by the illuminated strobe candy !!€7 until midnight!! (I think that refers to the price of the snack pack on board, which doesn’t come with a drink by the way. What kind of snack is that?). In the extra cost field I dodged the default priority boarding tab and the automatic travel insurance, backed up the automatic text message alert truck, hurdled across the branded Ryanair luggage purchase (please!) and jumped all over the recommended hotel and car hire bookings…with the skill of the penitent Indiana Jones “kneeling” before God to claim the holy grail.Moment of hesitation: Number of bags to check in? Sod it, Indiana Jones only needed his leather satchel and his hat, I’m not paying to cart around two pairs of extra shoes. I’m taking one pair of shoes, and they’ll be on my feet at check-in. I was only going for 2 nights after all. Laptop can go in my hand luggage next to shoes, a couple of pairs of knickers and socks, a few tops, mandatory chunk of Parmesan cheese for my brother, and off I go…As outbound flights go, this one wasn’t too bad. No one weighed my bag at Pisa airport or seemed to mind me carrying a small handbag in addition to my carry-on case, which I was prepared to put inside the case if necessary - I was playing by the rules. Cabin seatsApart from the roller coaster, get to know your neighbour, bright yellow seats and the ridiculous trumpet sounding on landing celebrating that we were all still alive and Ryanair had managed to land on time (sorry, should we be thanking them for sticking to a timetable?) I arrived at Stansted relatively unfazed.
Every day, arrive in Florence tourists from around the world to see David's first nude of the Renaissance period. Born to be placed in the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, was then used in the Piazza della Signoria. In 1872, the original is placed David in the Galleria dell'Accademia, Piazza della Signoria and a copy is placed, the next year instead of another copy is placed at the Piazzale Michelangelo.Today, David, now is a symbol recognized around the world and on this path is the project "where is the david?" promoted by " Assessorato cultura e contemporaneità" of the town of Florence.To participate just take a picture, a copy of David, be it on an advertisement or just a tshirt. Photos uploaded on the website of the event, will be part of an exhibition to be held during the year to Le Murate in Florence.

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