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evi reci firenze
Evi Reci, student at Political Science of Florence presents her last videoclip filmed in town.We know her personally and we really love and admire her style and her music, so we are very glad to present you...
Let’s face it; getting married can be stressful. It’s up there with the big ones; buying a house, changing jobs; starting a family… Getting married abroad therefore, can first appear an additional and avoidable worry. My job as a wedding planner in Italy, however, is to get stressed on behalf of brides, grooms, and sometimes even the whole family, so the wedding and the planning can be enjoyed for what it is, the celebration of a lifetime!We have become a generation obsessed with location, location, location; the perfect setting, the latest hotspot, the new ultimate destination or the celebrity hideout. Low cost travel and the Internet have made a flight to continental Europe as familiar as booking a train journey, and Italy has it all. What better location to get married than a private island, a fashion designer’s villa or a remote winery with luxury spa, on a hilltop surrounded by sun-drenched vineyards? This beautifully varied peninsular is still a hugely popular and attractive destination for couples wishing to celebrate their “matrimonio” overseas, where the wine is amongst the most well-known in the world, the food is incredible and the flight time from most of Europe allows you to set off in the morning and land in time for a lunchtime plate of fresh pomodoro, basil and garlic tagliatelle and a glass of Chianti.
“Wow!...what an amazing job!...How on earth did you get into that?” is a regular response when I reply to the standard ice-breaker “What do you do?” The gasps and wide eyes reflect the glamour and magic rightly associated with summer Italian weddings. Admittedly, being a wedding planner in Italy is amazing in many respects; it being the most testing, varied, emotional, exciting, physically demanding, creative and rewarding job I have ever done.
Florence is the capitol or culture and Art: is known for its history, its culture and its monuments! Italy Segway Tour offers the chance to discover Florence by bike and by Segway. The bikes used are not traditional bike, but the multispeed Cruiser model. Imagine to smoothly pedal between the streets of these beautiful city.
The i-florence staff meets the famous blogger Melinda Gallo:1) How old are you and where do you come from?42 years old. United States.2) When did you come to Italy for the first time? And to Florence?When I was living in Paris, I flew to Rome for the weekend to go to a soccer game. I didn’t visit Florence until a couple of years later for only a few hours one afternoon.3) Why did you choose to move to Florence? What was your job in your home country? What is your current profession here?[melinda_gallo]My idea was to stay in Florence for three months to learn Italian and to find my inspiration to write. On my third day here, I was sitting in Orsanmichele and felt as if I had found my home. I was working as a database programmer and web developer in England before moving here. In Florence, I am a writer and web developer.4) What do you like the most about your Florentine and Italian experience?I love how the city has inspired me to follow my heart and be true to myself.
Thanx to my job in the tourist sector it often happens to me to visit hotels, tourist and student apartments, B&Bs, farmhouses located in Florence and in Tuscany..Yesterday I have visited an apartment of Piazza dei Giudici and I have taken pictures from the window of one the room that they will rent to students...
Every now and again there are moments in your life that you just know are going to be great even before they happen; a party, a journey, a gig, a feast, a sound, a taste, a show. Last night was one of these moments. The ingredients were all there. It was going to be quite a night! The occasion was to mark an important date in the career of five young creative individuals from the catering world whose indefatigable passion, effort, commitment and energy has earned an enthusiastic following in Tuscany. I say ‘important’ but I also mean a little sad, as the occasion was a farewell to “I 5 Sensi” (The Five Senses) as they hang up their aprons in the Osteria where they have delighted palettes, educated eyes and tantalised tongues for the past five and a half years. Anyone who has been welcomed to one of their tables in the lush green surroundings of the Il Borro Estate near Arezzo, and sampled one of their stunning menus (the Chianina beef and wild boar dishes without a doubt being amongst the best) will know that they will be missed!
If you need a legal advice or consulting during your short or long term stay in Florence and in Italy you can contact the Ambrogio& Gaetani Law Firm.Ambrogio&Gaetani’s team is made up of professionals with...
A ray of light in the world of architecture -The Florence Institute of Design International is hosting a summer architecture course, led by Prof. Karin Templin, an authority in Florentine architecture from Kingston University, London. This has attracted a good number of young professionals from every continent, already working in the architecture and design fields. In the current economic climate, many architects are being made redundant in the UK and throughout Europe. A natural reaction for many is to use their time and education funds to both improve job skills and revisit their masters, providing them with the tools and knowledge to get ahead and succeed despite the global crisis
FLORENCE, ITALY - Recently opened in the historic center of Florence, a new international design school welcomes students from all over the world. The Florence Institute of Design International offers a new type of boutique academics focused entirely on international students providing Interior Design, Graphic Design and Architecture programs with both master and semester abroad options available, as announced by Founder and Creative Director, Architect Marc DiDomenico.As the city of Florence has become an international crossroads for design students, The Florence Institute of Design ...

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