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There's always the Ponte Vecchio, the David, and the Duomo, but these 10 tidbits are best enjoyed or only available when it's cold outside.1. Hot Chocolate I know. Hot Chocolate. What a cool, new thing you've never tried before, right? WRONG. First of all, if you've never been to Italy, you probably think hot chocolate is a liquid. But in this ingenious country, it's not. What Italians call hot chocolate (you know, besides "cioccolato caldo") is a thick, velvety rich drink that's almost a pudding but not quite. It's served with a spoon, so, you decide. For the absolute best hot chocolate in Florence, cross the Arno and find your way to "Hemingway." Their menu includes creations from the world champion of artistic chocolate-making. A valid reason for the café being a little pricey? I'd say so. Savor a creamy, white hot chocolate with ginger, and try not to feel bad for those silly people who come to Florence in the summer.Hemingway Piazza Piattellina, 9 50124 Florence, Italy Hours: Mon to Thu 4:30 p.m. to 1 a.m., Fri and Sat 4:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., Sun 2 p.m. to 1 a.m.
IED Firenze Porta
By: Paige Peerenboom and Whitney RichelleSo this post, I'm not going to entertain you with any of my crazy problems, awkward adventures, or just plain outright silly stories, BUT I am going to enlighten you...
This gelato, named after Bernardo Buontalenti, a sixteenth-century Florentine who may have been one of the world's original ice-cream makers, is made with any number of flavorings. The "secret" ingredient is usually a liqueur (such as Di Saronno Amaretto). A delicious alternative would be a pinch of mixed spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice
Here you are a selection of the best Party Streets of Florence:VIA PIETRAPIANA - PIAZZA DE' CIOMPI (SANT'AMBROGIO DISTRICT)One of the coolest streets for outdoor party in Florence is this year (2009) Via Pietrapiana/Piazza de' Ciompi...the streets is short and there are only 2 bars Caffé Sant'Ambrogio and Plaz..but these bars attract hundreds of florentines and foreigners every night, especially on Friday and Saturday night...we definitely recommend a visit to these places...Article written by Marco de la Pierre - StudentsVille staff
Cabin seats
I was doing the unthinkable, on the brink of breaking my new year’s resolution, booking a flight home from Pisa to London, with Ryanair. The reasons for my personal boycott of this particular no frills, no thrills airline were perfectly valid but it was a long time ago since I last flew with them. Surely it couldn’t still be that much of an unpleasant experience? They were still operating, after all.So, at my computer I negotiate my way through the online booking process, lured in by the illuminated strobe candy !!€7 until midnight!! (I think that refers to the price of the snack pack on board, which doesn’t come with a drink by the way. What kind of snack is that?). In the extra cost field I dodged the default priority boarding tab and the automatic travel insurance, backed up the automatic text message alert truck, hurdled across the branded Ryanair luggage purchase (please!) and jumped all over the recommended hotel and car hire bookings…with the skill of the penitent Indiana Jones “kneeling” before God to claim the holy grail.Moment of hesitation: Number of bags to check in? Sod it, Indiana Jones only needed his leather satchel and his hat, I’m not paying to cart around two pairs of extra shoes. I’m taking one pair of shoes, and they’ll be on my feet at check-in. I was only going for 2 nights after all. Laptop can go in my hand luggage next to shoes, a couple of pairs of knickers and socks, a few tops, mandatory chunk of Parmesan cheese for my brother, and off I go…As outbound flights go, this one wasn’t too bad. No one weighed my bag at Pisa airport or seemed to mind me carrying a small handbag in addition to my carry-on case, which I was prepared to put inside the case if necessary - I was playing by the rules. Cabin seatsApart from the roller coaster, get to know your neighbour, bright yellow seats and the ridiculous trumpet sounding on landing celebrating that we were all still alive and Ryanair had managed to land on time (sorry, should we be thanking them for sticking to a timetable?) I arrived at Stansted relatively unfazed.
Set in the Italian Renaissance cities of Florence and Venice, Assassin's Creed II, the sequel to one of the most popular games in video game history, has been receiving rave reviews and setting sales records worldwide, with over 2 million copies sold within a month of its launch....
Salsicce (Italian pork sausage) Preparation time: 10 minutes. Cooking time: 15 minutes. 10 fresh Italian pork sausages. Salt. Separate the sausages and pierce with a toothpick. Cook in a little boiling water for five minutes to remove some of the excess fat. Drain and put in a frying pan over a high flame.Fry in their own fat until they become golden brown all over, taste for salt and serve with fagioli all'uccelletto or sautéed spinach . The sausages can also be added to the vegetables and cooked together with them for a few minutes before bringing to the table.Sellers of dressed and cured pork (including salsicce), dried fish and cheeses are known as pizzicagnoli in Florence and their shop windows are extremely enticing, filled with delicious, mouth-watering produce.
It’s a little past 2 on a regular night in Florence. Along via de’ Benci and farther down past Piazza Santa Croce on via Verdi, people pour out on to the street as the bars and clubs begin to close.While some congregate outside to smoke and chat or stumble to the next place for more dancing and drinks elsewhere, others go in search of something different: a secret bakery.Just off via de’Benci, through the small Piazza Peruzzi, and down a couple of narrow, dimly lit streets, a cluster of people can usually be found outside the non-descript doors of via del Canto Rivolto 2. A sign taped to the glass doors reads, “Please be quiet”. Nothing else. Only the golden glow shining through the glass doors lets you know something’s going on inside. That and the intoxicatingly sweet smell that floats through the air and beckons you inside like a siren call.
An Interview with Ms Linda Loppa, Director of Polimoda International Institute of Fashion, Design & Marketing(Interview by Marco de la Pierre, Communication manager of & came into being in 1986, an initiative which was organized and financed by the city councils of Florence and Prato, and by business associations in collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), State University of New York.1. When was the school founded?2. How many students are there every year? More than 950 students attend Polimoda courses every year.3. Where do the students come from? 40% of the students are international and come from all over the world, while 60% are Italian and about 25% are from Tuscany.Polimoda Library4. Why do students choose Polimoda in Florence? Polimoda is known for its high standards and has well over twenty years experience in fashion education. The Institute's strong point is without doubt its close relationship with businesses which on the one hand allows us to adapt our study programmes to real market needs, and on the other facilitates access to employment for the students as they undertake a period of internship undertaken at the end of their courses and Master courses. We are very proud of the rate of employment of our graduates, which is 90% within six months of completing their studies.5. What kind of courses do you offer? Which are the most popular courses? Polimoda programmes are subdivided into the two general areas of Design and Marketing, covering all professional careers in the fashion system. The three-year post-diploma courses are our core business - Fashion Design, Footwear Design, Pattern Making, Marketing Management and Marketing Communications - and as of this year an optional fourth year master class is available. In addition to these, there is a wide and constantly updated range of Masters courses taught in English and Italian. The most recent are the Masters for Fashion Stylists and Fashion Brand Management. As for the most popular courses, this year we have seen a significant increase - up to 40 per cent - in enrolments on courses in the marketing area, especially for the three-year courses in marketing management and marketing communication. The Fashion Design course, one of our strongest options, is also greatly in demand. [More...]6. How has the school developed over the years? Polimoda Fashion Institute of FlorenceWhen Polimoda came into being 23 years ago, it had about fifty students and only two courses, Fashion Design and Marketing. Over the years, the name of the institute – originally known as the International Fashion Polytechnic – gained a reputation at a national and international level, while both the number of students and the range of courses continued to increase. This year we have five undergraduate courses and 25 Masters in Italian and English, as well as orientation and summer courses. This growth has been matched by the acquisition of new buildings and structures, thus extending the facilities of the historic Villa Strozzi in Florence: the 'Scuderie' at Villa Strozzi house the lecture rooms where theory is Director of Polimoda, Ferruccio Ferragamotaught and the computer laboratories, the Design Lab where the design and pattern making laboratories are, and Castello dell'Acciaiolo in Scandicci where the footwear laboratories are. In 2002 Polimoda Srl, now Polimoda Consulting, came into being to provide services to businesses in the fashion sector and now consists of a group of 35 important businesses. Today Ferruccio Ferragamo is the President of Polimoda, while the Chairman of Polimoda Consulting is Santo Versace: the support provided by such important personalities of the fashion world is of immense value to the Institute and is confirmation of the faith that both the fashion system and businesses have in our teaching methods.
You think of Italy, you think fashion. You think of classic cuts, dark suits, bold accessories, slick heels and slim fits; you think style.This imagery is as part of the fabric of the nation as is the cappuccino, the vespa and la pasta fresca; often combined into one stereotypical image of an immaculate businessman sauntering down a cobbled street on a brilliant red vespa, strolling into the bar opposite the office for a coffee and putting his order in for the linguini on the menu for lunch.

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