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10 Steps To Making Espresso In A Moka, The Italian Coffee Pot

Italian coffee is so special it even has its own machine. Unless you’re some kind of cultural genius, you probably don’t have any idea what it is or how the heck it works. 1. Know what a Moka is. The strange metal teapot in the kitchen cupboard of your Italian apartment? That’s a Moka. [caption id="attachment_4303" align="aligncenter" width="243" caption="This is a Moka."][/caption] 2. Understand the parts ...

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10 Italian Slang Expressions You Can’t Live Without

Whether you’ve been studying Italian for years, or are currently mastering the art of “my name is,” these 10 expressions are an essential addition to any vocabulary. You won’t find them in Italian books, but you’ll hear them all over the streets. Understanding them will give you a huge boost in comprehension. Using them will make you much more fun to talk to. ...

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10 Types of Italian Coffee Decoded and Pronounced

Sure, you’ve had an espresso and a cappuccino, but that’s just the tip of the Italian coffee iceberg, my friends. Coffee in Italy is a thing of it’s own. Even if you’re familiar with copycats in your home country, you’ll be surprised by how many names you don’t recognize on an Italian menu, and how those you do are not at all what you expected. If you’re hesitant to order in Italian, here’s a formula easy e ...

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