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10 Things To Eat And Drink In Italy In The Fall

Next to its neighbors, spring and summer, autumn in Florence seems much less attractive. But besides its lower prices, shorter museum lines, and break from the sweltering heat, fall is when Italian nature says, "My year's work is complete. Enjoy." It's harvest time. And this ripe occasion has got the high season green with envy. Here are our 10 favorite things that autumn serves up best: [caption id="attach ...

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Adapting to the Italian Way: the first weeks abroad

Ciao a tutti! I’m Natalie, the new intern at studentsVille. I’ll be sharing everything I experience and learn from the Italian way of life for the rest of the summer, which I'm pretty excited about. Living in Florence for the past three weeks has been eye opening, nothing less than thrilling, and literally life changing. It’s my first time in Italy, so hopefully, I’ll give you the inside scoop on the Tuscan ...

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10 Rules For Eating in Italy Without Scaring the Italians

Italian food culture is probably very different from what you're used to at home. And, since Italians have been perfecting it for over 1,000 years, try going with the wine and olive oil flow instead of fighting against the current when you're in Italy. 1. Don't ask for "fettuccine alfredo" or "spaghetti with meatballs" They don't exist here. Alfredo is an Italian name, and when I asked my Florentine friends ...

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