Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Il Latini Italian Restaurant in Florence Italy
Whitney Richelle, Studentsville Project Manager, takes you to famous restaurant "Il Latini" in Florence, Italy. She introduces you to some of the most typical Tuscan cuisine: two soups that have been around since the Middle...
Making Espresso In An Italian Moka Stovetop Coffee Pot
Studentsville Project Manager, Whitney Richelle, shows you how to make a real Italian espresso in a Moka, the stovetop coffee pot that Italians use at home. If you are renting an apartment in Florence, you'll...
Bialetti Moka Italian Coffee Espresso Machine
Italian coffee is so special it even has its own machine. Unless you’re some kind of cultural genius, you probably don’t have any idea what it is or how the heck it works.And so we're...
Vintage Jewelry
Florence is to fashion as gelato is to Italy! Half the beauty of Florence is the aesthetic view of women and men in their trendiest clothes walking the streets. Florence houses some of the first prestigious designers; Salvatore Ferragamo and Emilio Pucci. Historically Florence is regarded as Italy's first fashion home, and many elegant designer boutiques sit along Via de' Tornabuoni including: Bulgari, Gucci, Prada, Robert Cavalli and Chanel. Simply peering into their display windows is a treat for ones eyes as they are each uniquely beautiful.
Tuscan - and, in particular, Florentine - cuisine is famous for its simple magniffcence. The apparent contradiction between simplicity and richness is happily resolved in the culinary tradition of our "contradas", which is distinguished precisely for its capacity to exalt fundamental flavours and aromas to a maximum. Everything is based on the quality and freshness of the ingredients.
Service FirenzeWifi allows connection to the Internet wirelessly. Just a phone and a laptop or smartphone to surf, chat, exchange mail and access to the information services of the Province and Municipality of Florence. In this phase, all users have at their disposal every day 1 hour time navigation and traffic 300Mbytes
Big Florence news: From Sunday October 25th 2009, Florence's landmark Piazza Duomo is going to be pedestrian only. This means a total stop to cars, busses, motorini, bikes, and taxis going past the duomo
newspapers , radio , tv with information about Florence and tuscany
Wanna find the latest American bestseller? Wanna read your favourite French author in the original language? Wanna buy the most sold Italian instant-book of the month? Are you desperately looking for your comics heroes and you don't know where to find them? Or are you a romantic spirit and you need to read a love novel at least once a week?...

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