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3 not-to-be-missed places in Florence (if you are a food addict like me)!

So you’ve spent the day soaking up the beautiful culture Florence has to offer but hasn’t all that walking made you hungry? Well, to the rescue! Ever heard of Mercato San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Market) or the Mercato Centrale (Central Market)? It’s in walking distance from Piazza San Marco and Piazza del Duomo and is a lovely place to go for lunch or dinner. ...

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Hidden Teashop, Bookshop and School, all in one 20 minutes from the Florence city center!

So you’re in Florence. A most beautiful city, full of art and history. Feeling homesick? - perhaps not, but whether you are or not you could still visit an unexpected hidden Teashop just outside the centre of Florence. Well, centre if you’re British or center if you’re American. But you know what I mean. It’s not a long walk, around 20 minutes from the centre. However, if your legs are not up to it then you ...

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