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31 Oct/2 Nov - Sound Of The World Three days devoted to the sounds of world, from tango to bossa nova, from the arab to the mongol music till the taranta; a musical travel through different cultures and people. The festival presents the Italian premieres of a number of documentaries with the participation of some authors.Official Website
Italy is a country of extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage. It is a treasure of inestimable value that we have been privileged to receive an inheritance from our ancestors over the centuries. This is even more luck being able to enjoy free of charge for nine days, 9 to 17 April next. That 's what happens during the Culture Week, now in its thirteenth edition, which each year offers free entry to museums, archaeological sites, archives and state libraries, for a great feast spread throughout the country. In Italy, more than 2,500 events including exhibitions, conferences, special openings, workshops, guided tours and concerts make the experience even more special to all Italian and foreign visitors.
Dj at the MuseumFriday November 27, 9pm till half past midnight Museo Stibbert (Via F. Stibbert 26, Florence)ENTRANCE + BUS SHUTTLE FOR FREE !!Dance to the tunes of DJ Albertino from Radio DJ, with special guest star Elenoir Casalegno, surrounded by the Stibbert Museum’s 50,000 pieces of armour and antiques.A unique and exclusive experience not to be missed: be part of the first event of this sort in Tuscany.There is a limited number of spaces available - sign up online now AND receive a FREE GIFT. And did we mention - the evening is totally... FREE!!!
The Handmade Ice Cream Village will be set up in the marvellous Piazza Pitti setting and will brighten the square with tasting booths and open air laboratories where master ice cream makers will take turns to produce their works of culinary art. The ice cream makers will come from all over Italy to take part in the Festival and their number will be much higher that last year.The Industrial Ice Cream Village, in turn, will be located in Piazza della Repubblica, the beating heart of the city, halfway between Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza del Duomo, which is only a pleasant walk on Ponte Vecchio away from Piazza Pitti. The village will display the Sammontana delicacies, and will provide a chance to unveil the secrets of the only truly Italian industrial ice cream.Another new feature are the extended hours: booths will be open every day from 12 to 24, in order to give visitors more time to experience the festival in its every facet.The scheduled activities are many: seminars, workshops and laboratory sessions for the old and the young, with particular focus on the Laboratory of the Carpigiani Gelato University that will hold hands-on sessions to give everyone the chance of learning the art of ice cream making, concerts and many ice cream happy hour.This year, too, the key item will be the "Firenze Gelato Card", the official card that will provide the visitors with the possibility of enjoying an incredible tasting experience, among classic tastes to new. Delicious recipes!.All the events of the festivalThe cardOfficial website
He’s chiseled, he’s sculpted, and he’s famous. He has all the Renaissance ladies and present-day gals lined up at his door just waiting to gawk over him. Reaching about 14 feet 3 inches in height,...
From 6 to 10 July 2010 will be held at the Stazione Leopolda Vintage Selection, the market-clothing, vintage accessories and design objects. The event is followed by a large audience of collectors and enthusiasts, and has become a must for cool hunters and style offices of major international fashion companies, who come to Florence looking for input for their creative research.
Sedie Chiesa Mostra Internazionale dell'Artigianato Firenze
Once a year, for the past 77 years, Florence has been bringing artisans from all over the world to display their wares at the Fortezza da Basso, in 55,000 square meters of space (if you're...
Calcio Storico, nicknamed "Florence Fight Club," is known as one of the most barbaric, violent sports worldwide. 2012 featured new video playback to help justify disqualifications, but the game remained as jaw-dropping as ever; all...
27th January 2010 – Holocaust Memorial Day – marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.HMD 2010 offers an opportunity to listen to the voices from the Holocaust and Nazi persecution, and to make the lessons of hope for a safer, inclusive society where the differences between us are respected a reality today and in the future.Holocaust survivors have played an immense role in bringing our attention to the lessons of the Holocaust. They speak of pain and loss, of strength and survival, of despair and their wish for a Legacy of Hope. They encourage us to look within and without, to be sure of our moral compass, to be certain of our choices and to use our voice, whenever we can, to speak out. They have translated difficult experiences to create a future that is free from the dangers of exclusion and persecution. They have passed a message of resilience and hope to the next generation.
On May 7, on the streets of Florence and Tuscany, will the "mille miglia " ... the most important historic racing cars of Italy.