Thursday, May 13, 2021
The military order that has been chosen as the slogan of the sixteenth edition of Eurochocolate Perugia is a clear invitation to think outside the box, to give free rein to one’s individuality, to go beyond the usual habits to be able to enjoy the food of the gods in a new way and in all its complexity.In 2009, Eurochocolate wants to promote creativity, so everyone can love chocolate as he or she pleases. Dark or milk, bar or nugget, in whatever form it is, it doesn’t matter: there’s room for all!The tools of this sweet,
Today you will take a full-day tour in the green Umbria area and visit two of its most fascinating cities – Perugia and Assisi. Man has been living in this region for at least 200,000...
What is the Cinque Terre?Five miles of spectacular rocky coast, two promontories, thousands of kilometers of dry walls built on terraces cultivated with vineyards, five medieval fishing villages built on rock…add to this the incredible color of the sea and the sky, and you may understand what the Cinque Terre is.Monterosso, Vernazza, Cornaglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore are their names.
Evening concerts at the Santa Giuliana Arena: it is here that the most famous names appear, artists who require a larger, more spacious venue.
Located at the Ducati factory headquarters, the 1,000 sq/mt Ducati Museum highlights 50 years of racetrack heritage. The Ducati Museum opened on June 12, 1998, during the first annual WDW (World Ducati Week), and was officially inaugurated on October 16th later that year. The Museum has preserved over half a century of Ducati racing history and also the history of the company (before it produced motorcycles) founded by the Ducati brothers in 1926. From the popular post-World War II “Cucciolo” to the more recent breakthrough with the Desmosedici, the museum highlights 50 years of Ducati technological innovation, award-winning design and, above all, exceptional racetrack performance

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