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Big Renaissance frescoes: the celebration of the rich families of Florence in Santa Maria Novella and Santa Trinita by Ghirlandaio

The buon fresco (true fresco) gives the colours great permanence and resistance to aging, since they are an integral part of the wall surface, rather than a superimposed layer of paint on it. The medium of fresco makes great demands on a painter’s technical skill, since he must work fast (while the plaster is wet) but cannot correct mistakes by overpainting. Many rich families in the Renaissance purchased b ...

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MANGIA (like an Italian)

"MANGIA MANGIA!!!” Something not so uncommonly heard as you roam the streets of Florence. I suppose Italian restaurant owners think that just talking about eating will remind passersby that their stomaches are empty and need filling...pronto!? There’s a remarkable amount of differences between dining out in the U.S. and dining out in Italy, that it’s hardly comparable. I feel as though going out in Italy is ...

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Firenze-ify Your Wardrobe

Florence is to fashion as gelato is to Italy! Half the beauty of Florence is the aesthetic view of women and men in their trendiest clothes walking the streets. Florence houses some of the first prestigious designers; Salvatore Ferragamo and Emilio Pucci. Historically Florence is regarded as Italy's first fashion home, and many elegant designer boutiques sit along Via de' Tornabuoni including: Bulgari, Gucc ...

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