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Video: Delicious Seafood at Gastone Restaurant and Wine Bar

Marco (the founder of studentsVille) and I had so much fun and ate so many courses at this heavenly, secret seafood spot in the historic center of Florence, that we shot over 1.5 hours of footage. After just a few short months ;), I have finally edited it down to 5.5 minutes, which throw the romantic, chic, tranquil atmosphere of this lovely restaurant and wine bar out the window. However, the video does ma ...

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10 Things You Absolutely Must Do In Florence In The Spring!

March 21st is officially the first day of spring in Florence Italy, and we're just as excited about it as you are. While Florence keeps itineraries packed all year long, there are some activities better accompanied by eruptions of flower blossoms, unfurled daylight, and cadences of songbird melodies. So whip out your thermometer;  you're going to catch a serious case of spring fever reading this season's Fl ...

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Historical cinemas of Florence: old memories of a glorious past

Again a video in Italian. This time I don’t talk about wine and wine hatches, but about another glorious page of Florence: its historical cinemas. I don’t mean the new multiplex cinemas we are use to think about when we say “Let’s go to the cinema!”. I mean the many many historical cinemas of Florence. The first one was the Reale Cinema Lumiere, from the name of the Lumiere brothers, first inventors of the ...

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