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Cheese, Onions, and Wasabi: The Reinvented Cocktails of Bitter Bar

Yes, cheese, onions and wasabi are just a few of the bizarre ingredients that can be found in your drink at Bitter Bar. Although these may sound like a recipe for watery eyes and an upset stomach, think again. The two resident bartenders have managed to shock and delight customers with their experimental beverages for years now. Situated in the beautiful Borghese Palace Art Hotel in Florence, Italy, Bitter ...

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What To Drink When You’re Single In Italy

With Florence being such a renowned city of romance, it is likely that everyone is excited to go out and see all the happy couples participate in public displays of affection. Personally, I prefer to rejoice in the ambience of other peoples’ sickly happiness whilst under the influence of a lethal amount of alcohol… and by rejoice I mean shout profanities at them until someone starts crying, usually me. So f ...

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Italian’s got talent: the vinaino tour on TV!

The original Vinaino Tour  has got famous. And it went on tv! Saturday 21st of January, the Italian channel Rai 2 broadcasted Sereno Variabile, one of the most popular programs in Italy that deals with travel and tourism. The Sereno Variabile troupe came to Florence in November to shoot the documentary and interview some “native”. I had my 5 minutes of fame! The video was made in front of the “Antico Vinaio ...

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