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Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner in Italy: Where To Find Essential American Ingredients

The main course on my first Turkey Day in Italy was a chicken.  After fumbling through a few more, scrolling through desperate online pleas for canned pumpkin, and testing out some notably strange substitutions; I've discovered where the bird, and all his tasty friends, have been hiding out abroad: Turkey Permanent, central markets in most big Italian cities sell whole turkeys the week of Thanksgiving.  At ...

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10 Things To Eat And Drink In Italy In The Fall

Next to its neighbors, spring and summer, autumn in Florence seems much less attractive. But besides its lower prices, shorter museum lines, and break from the sweltering heat, fall is when Italian nature says, "My year's work is complete. Enjoy." It's harvest time. And this ripe occasion has got the high season green with envy. Here are our 10 favorite things that autumn serves up best: [caption id="attach ...

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Dinner at L’è Maiala, The Only Barter-Friendly Restaurant in Florence, Italy

L’è Maiala, a new osteria in Florence, Italy, received a huge amount of international press before its grand opening on Monday, September 24th, 2012. Besides the name, (“What a pig!” Not exactly clean Florentine slang for, “What a tough situation!”), shock-value funny and too risqué to appear on the street sign (they'll have to settle for L’è with a pig face), the restaurant is the first of its kind in the ...

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