Wednesday, February 1, 2023
The 20-year-old Oscar Wilde enthuses over the Etruscans in the old Archaeological Museum when it was in the Via Faenza; from The Letters of Oscar Wilde, edited by Rupert Hart-Davis. Then to the Etruscan Museum, which is in the suppressed monastery of San(t') J Onofrio and most interesting. You come first to a big tomb, transplanted from Arezzo; cyclopean stonework, Museo Archeologicodoorway with sloping jambs and oblong lintel, roof slightly conical, walls covered with wonderfully beautiful frescoes, representing first the soul in the shape of young man naked, led by a beautifully winged angel or genius to the two horsed chariot which is to convey them to Elysium - and then represents the banquet which awaits him
The seventh edition of the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea of Florence will be held from 5th to 13th December 2009( E in the historical setting of Fortezza da Basso. Participants and guest will ahve the chance to meet within the many conferences and events, our Honour guests: Marina Abramovic and Shu Yong.Marina Abramovic will exhibit some of her videos at the Fortezza da Basso and will offer a lecture to the audience followed by a book signing and an exchange of thoughts between public and her;Shu Yong will exhibit some of the paintings from the series “Chinese Myths”.
It's the newcomer among the Florentine museums: its name is Casa Martelli and will be opened to the public starting from today. Casa Martelli is in a palazzo in via Zannetti, once named via della Forca (Gallows Road)
The MNAF, Alinari National Museum of Photography, is located in the fifteenth-century building known as ‘delle Leopoldine’, renovated thanks to the fundamental contribution of the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. The building has been allocated by the City of Florence, the owner of the complex, as exhibition space for its twentieth-century collections, and space has also been granted to the Fratelli Alinari. Fondazione per la Storia della Fotografia. Duly restored and equipped in line with the most up-to-date exhibition requirements, this is where the Alinari National Museum of Photography now has its premises.
On 18th September 2009 The Textile Museum opens an exhibition incooperation with the most famous Russian museums. About 150 works of art.
Sunday May 24, at 9.00 pm, Patty Smith, poetess of Rock, will make a reading from Michgelangelo’s poetry on sin and desire in the tribuna of the Academy Gallery of Florence, where Michelangelo’s original stone carving “David” is on permanent display, as well as his unfinished slaves suggests to all the Italian and International students that live in Florence to consider seriously this list before planning a trip up and down the 'Belpaese' (as Italy is also called in Italian) or along the wonderful Tuscan landscapes...
The Artist’s House in Greve in Chianti established in 2008 is a structure in line with the widespread practice of other European countries and the world to create environments where is possible the exchange and comparison between artists,
Gian Lorenzo Bernini and the birth of the baroque portrait, exhibition in Florence, Italy
Galleria dell'Accademia, founded in 1784, hosts a collection of sculptures and paintings. One of the most important works on display at the museum is David by Michelangelo (completed around 1504), which was moved there in 1873.Michelangelo has depicted David before the battle [Verrochio's and Donatello's Davids are depicted after his triumph standing over Goliath's severed head]. The young Michelangelo was a citizen of the city state of Firenze (Florence). Firenze was surrounded by enemies much stronger and more numerous than the city was. When the statue of David was placed on Piazza Signoria in front of Palazzo Vecchio [where you can now find a copy, another one is at Piazzale Michelangelo], the people of Firenze immediately identified with him, as a cunning victor over superior enemies.

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