Wednesday, June 29, 2022
donatello palazzo strozzi
Donatello, the pioneer of the RenaissanceFlorence, Palazzo Strozzi and Museo Nazionale del BargelloDonatello at Palazzo Strozzi: opening period19 March –...
evolution florence
One of the best gyms and how joining can change your lifeThe days are getting longer, and the sky above Florence is bright blue. The grass in the Boboli...
florence what to see 3 days
Why Florence is worth the visit (and the best advice you can get on making the most of it)A myriad of lyrical views, countless beguiling sights, and engrossing history....
study italian language in florence
Best New Year's resolution for 2022: Italian language immersion in ItalyGet more exercise.Join a volunteer organization.Call mother more often.Go on an Italian language immersion in Italy
tuscany landscape house buy
Today we are going to host a special interview on our web pages...We have reached Victoria Ayrapetyan, the founder of the Italian real estate agency, based in Florence,...
alchimia school florence
Do precious stones and glistening metals fill your dreams?Have you been forever aimlessly sketching rings and bracelets on random pieces of paper? Are you so full of ideas...
So you’ve spent the day soaking up the beautiful culture Florence has to offer but hasn’t all that walking made you hungry? Well, to the rescue! Ever heard of Mercato San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Market) or the Mercato Centrale (Central Market)? It’s in walking distance from Piazza San Marco and Piazza del Duomo and is a lovely place to go for lunch or dinner.
Florence has always been a great source of creative inspiration, (for painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, directors...) and I think the “cradle of Renaissance” is still the best place to make art happen, even if you...
The district that surrounds the Duomo constitutes the heart of the historical city center and the area has probably one of the highest concentrations of art per square meter on the whole planet: churches, statues, museums, towers, and historical buildings fill every corner of every street.
European cuisine is world-famous. Each country, has its own style and traditions and an appreciation of food, which is unmatched. Whether it is fresh oysters in the French Riviera, succulent German sausages, or fresh Greek yoghurt and honey, here are 10 destinations with Smart Trip, taking you to places, where the food will make your taste buds come alive. So take a break from your usual diet, and open your mind, as well as your mouth!

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