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Again a video in Italian. This time I don’t talk about wine and wine hatches, but about another glorious page of Florence: its historical cinemas. I don’t mean the new multiplex cinemas we are use...
Joelle Edwards, wedding and events planner anchorwoman 2012
If you love excellent Italian food, wines, spirits and lifestyle you can't miss this event held at Stazione Leopolda of Florence every year..The next one will be organized in March 2013..not to be missed!Here is...
Everyone loves a good Christmas present from abroad; they’re exotic and exciting, and hint at the unsaid “Look at all the effort I went through to bring you this extraordinary gift from so far away.” If, this Holiday season, you’ve found yourself without the time or money for an around the globe shopping spree, you can thank Florence, Italy for arranging for the world to meet you there. Grazie, Firenze!
Florence is widely known as the cradle of the Renaissance. However, it is in the Middle Ages that the basis for the flowering of the Renaissance art in the 15th century were laid. The Medieval...
Would you like to taste the flavours of Florence, to discover the traditions and the humanity of the city through the eyes of the local people, and, most of all, is it not the right time for a couple glasses of wine? This is the Vinaino Tour. A vinaino is an old street wine vendor and this is a “goliardic” tour to discover Florence and its highlights (such as Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, the Republic Square, ecc.) with new eyes. We will stroll around the main squares and the narrow streets to go exploring some hidden corner and discover the history and the tradition of Florence.What we see during our tour:The Old Market. We will step back into a Florence of street merchants, tradesmen, groceries, marketplaces and brothels, where selling some meet without paying duty or revealing to foreigners merchants the undisclosed secrets of silk dyeing could deal you a public flogging in Old Market (Piazza Repubblica)… One of the oldest market of Florence took place in front of Strozzi Palace: this is why in the past this area was called “Piazza delle Cipolle”, i.e. “Onions Square”. The New Market. This Loggia was built around 1547; originally, silk and precious items where sold here, followed by the famous Florentine straw hats from 1800. Dishonest merchants and debtors were punished here with the so-called “acculata” (we will explain to you what it litterary means in Italian, but nothing pleasant at all!).
Florence is art, but also fashion, on Wednesday the two sides will join the new museum dedicated to the products of the Gucci family.Palace of Merchandise, the historical site of the company (founded in 1921) will host the most important works produced during these eighty years of history, among which we mention the gorgeous Cadillac customized by the designer Aldo Gucci.The museum will be open to the public at a cost of 6 euros including 3 for a fund for the protection and restoration of the artistic heritage of Florence.
They are a perfect solution for those who desire to combine their spare time during holidays with a new stimulating experience. Following a precise methodology and guided by professors from the chosen field, students will experience the development of aproject specific to their interests.Accomodation will be a singles room in a shared flat in the city centre of Florence. Linen, air conditioning and WiFi connection will be included.Summer Courses in IED Florence:- Fashion Events and PRStart date: 4th July 2011 | Duration: 3 Weeks | Language: engMain course objective is to provide an overview on all processes involved in staging a fashion show and the required PR skills to build and co-ordinate a communication strategy.Students develop a wide understanding of promotion in the fashion industry, fashion as a means of cultural communication, professional organization of fashion promotion and its specific language and techniques. Participants train these skills in the final event.A Fashion Event Manager is involved in planning events such as runway shows, launch of new products or brands, store openings, corporate events. But is also trained to establish connections with consumers and fashion, accessories, style, apparel and market editors at top trade magazines, worldwide media.
Italy is a country of extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage. It is a treasure of inestimable value that we have been privileged to receive an inheritance from our ancestors over the centuries. This is even more luck being able to enjoy free of charge for nine days, 9 to 17 April next. That 's what happens during the Culture Week, now in its thirteenth edition, which each year offers free entry to museums, archaeological sites, archives and state libraries, for a great feast spread throughout the country. In Italy, more than 2,500 events including exhibitions, conferences, special openings, workshops, guided tours and concerts make the experience even more special to all Italian and foreign visitors.
The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence dedicates an exhibition to the pioneers of modern art in Spain: Picasso, Miro and Dali, who played an important role not only in the birth of the avant-garde of their native country, and also worldwide. Dedicated to the early work of teachers who have had a decisive role in the beginnings of modern art, the exhibition examines the period of pre-Cubist Picasso with its proceedings prior to 1907, while the works of Miró made ??between 1915 and 1920 are presented in relation to those of Dalí in the five years 1920-1925 to highlight the stylistic differences and relations that characterize the period before accession of the two artists to the poetics of surrealism.The exhibition Picasso, Miró, Dalí. Young and angry: the birth of modernity curated by Eugenio Carmona and Christoph Vitali, has more than sixty works of the early work of Picasso, Miro and Dali and over one hundred sketches Picasso, from the most important museums in Spain, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and private collections.Grown in Catalonia, the three artists reached fame in France, where the first two chose to live and build their careers, while Dalí decided to remain in Spain. The exhibition is structured like a film made ??up of flashbacks that make reference to a series of meetings, traveling back to tie the threads of a story: it begins with a visit to Dali and Picasso (1926), then trace the birth of modernity through the Dalí Miró responses, highlights the intersection between Miro and Picasso (1917) and ending before the arrival of the young Picasso in Paris in 1900, the beginning of the new century.
Available from today, "Firenze Card" offers new possibilities for tourists visiting the city.What is Firenze Card? It 'a card that lasts 72 hours after initial activation and gives you access to a circuit of more than 30 museums, located in Florence, with the card you can visit the permanent collections, exhibitions and other activities organized in museums the circuit, without queuing and without reservation. With this card also, within 72 hours of validity, you can use all means of public transport city.Where to buy?Museo di Santa Maria Novella - Box Office - Piazza Santa Maria Novella Palazzo Pitti - Ticket Central - Piazza Pitti 1 Florence Tourist Information Office Municipality of Florence - Bookshop - Florence Square Station 4 APT Cavour - Via Cavour, 1r Florence Museum of Palazzo Vecchio - Piazza della Signoria Florence-Ticket Museo Stefano Bardini - Via dei Renai 37 Ticket-Florence Brancacci Chapel - Box Office - Piazza del Carmine, Florence 14 Museo Nazionale del Bargello - Box Office - Via del Proconsolo 4 Florence Galleria degli Uffizi - Port 2 Ticket presale - Piazzale degli Uffizi FlorenceOnline on the official websiteHow much?Florence The card costs € 50.00.More information on the official website

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