Friday, June 5, 2020
The Medici villa of Poggio a Caiano was commissioned by Lorenzo dei Medici (”The Magnificent”) from the architect Giuliano Sangallo. Its construction began in 1485 and the building was finished in the 1520’s or so. It was a Medici favourite on account of the “good air” that is to be had there.Both the interior and exterior of the building can be visited. As you approach the villa from the road, you get a great view through the gate.
Promoted by Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane. This year on Sunday September 20, courtyards and gardens of important private villas and palazzi in Tuscany will be open to public, while on Sunday September 27 it will be possible to visit courtyards and gardens of Florence's palaces.
Today your driver will pick you up directly at your accommodation and bring you through the lovely “Crete Senesi” on your way to Montepulciano.Situated in one of the most breathtaking areas of Tuscany, this interesting wine town is built entirely on volcanic rock and stands about 600 meters above sea level. Like many towns in Tuscany, Montepulciano has Etruscan origins, but the first document mentioning its name comes from the year 715 and calls Montepulciano “Mons Politianus”, that is “Mount of the Nobles”. It seems probable that the town was therefore founded by a group of nobles perhaps from Chiusi who came here to escape invasions from Barbarians. Montepulciano is surrounded by walls and fortifications designed by Antonio da Sangallo in 1500 by orders of Cosimo I.
Today you will have the chance to shop ‘til you drop without ever having to worry about driving and finding a parking spot! Your driver will pick you up at your accommodations and bring you to visit the designer outlet factory stores near Florence.It is just a comfortable 50 minute ride along the highway that runs through the Tuscan countryside until you reach the small town of Montevarchi.This is where the Space Outlet of Prada (Prada, Miu Miu, Helmut Lang, and Church shoes) is located.
More than 600 species of animals await you in the marvellous Zoological Gardens of Pistoia.Opened in 1970, the zoo expands into a large quantity of vegetation that continually restores itself. Biodiversity Conservation is one of the primary objectives of the Zoological Garden.
After about an hour drive south through the Tuscan countryside you will arrive in Arezzo. Before Rome was even in existence, Arezzo was already one of the strongest and richest of the Etruscan towns and it had a place in of preeminence in the Confederation of the 12 Great City-States of the Etruscan League that also included Mantua, Felsina, Ravenna, Cortona, Chiusi, Veio, Cere, Tarquinia, Vetulonia, and Populonia.
Inaugurated on the 29th March 2000, the Piaggio Museum occupies 3,000 sq. m. of what used to be the company toolshop in one of the oldest buildings in Pontedera. It is an example of the harmonious conversion of an industrial area for cultural purposes. The brainchild of Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, Piaggio's then young chairman, the Museum was designed by architect Andrea Bruno, with the aim of preserving the historic memory of the most important metal-mechanical company in the centre-south of Italy.
From Florence your driver will bring you through the beautiful Tuscan countryside south of Siena for a splendid day of sightseeing and wine tasting. After passing Siena, you will continue through the “Crete Senesi” to the important wine town of Montalcino. The scenery is breathtaking here – cypress trees, fields and livestock, with the extraordinary combinations of green, grey and brown landscapes. The famous “Brunello wine is produced here using Sangiovese grapes. Every activity in this town revolves around wine production and rightly so.

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