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10 Rules For Eating in Italy Without Scaring the Italians

Italian food culture is probably very different from what you're used to at home. And, since Italians have been perfecting it for over 1,000 years, try going with the wine and olive oil flow instead of fighting against the current when you're in Italy. 1. Don't ask for "fettuccine alfredo" or "spaghetti with meatballs" They don't exist here. Alfredo is an Italian name, and when I asked my Florentine friends ...

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Joelle Edwards presents Pitti Taste 2012

If you love excellent Italian food, wines, spirits and lifestyle you can't miss this event held at Stazione Leopolda of Florence every year.. The next one will be organized in March 2013..not to be missed! Here is the presentation of Pitti Taste 2012 made by Joelle Edwards... (Article by dotFlorence Staff) ...

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10 Reasons Americans Have a Bad Reputation in Florence (and Abroad)

Let me just save readers a lot of nasty comments by saying: "I am American. These are not necessarily MY views, but rather the views that have been expressed to me, many times, by multiple non-Americans (mainly Italians)." So just calm down, everyone. I'm writing this to start a discussion, to open our minds, and to provoke some change or, at least, a little awareness. If the following 10 reasons don't pert ...

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