Tuesday, April 20, 2021
events in florence , prato , pisa in this weekend
Sunday May 24, at 9.00 pm, Patty Smith, poetess of Rock, will make a reading from Michgelangelo’s poetry on sin and desire in the tribuna of the Academy Gallery of Florence, where Michelangelo’s original stone carving “David” is on permanent display, as well as his unfinished slaves
Florence3 luglio Motel Connection 21:30 @ Buca D'Andrea - Fucecchio9 luglio Goran Bregovic 21.30 @ Villa Solaria - Sesto Fiorentino ( during Sesto d'Estate festival 2009 )10 luglio Afterhours 21.30 @ Villa Solaria...
Tomorrow on the streets of Florence, transit the race cars more attractive in the world "the 1000 miles."
Art 2009 @ Fortezza da Basso 1/3 may ( international handicrafts fair )Fabbrica Europa @ Stazione Leopolda  ( calendar ) 5/23 mayBoboli perfumes @ Giardino di Boboli 7/10 mayArtigianato & Palazzo @ Giardino Corsini  15/17 mayWine...

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