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Historical cinemas of Florence: old memories of a glorious past

Again a video in Italian. This time I don’t talk about wine and wine hatches, but about another glorious page of Florence: its historical cinemas. I don’t mean the new multiplex cinemas we are use to think about when we say “Let’s go to the cinema!”. I mean the many many historical cinemas of Florence. The first one was the Reale Cinema Lumiere, from the name of the Lumiere brothers, first inventors of the ...

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Italian’s got talent: the vinaino tour on TV!

The original Vinaino Tour  has got famous. And it went on tv! Saturday 21st of January, the Italian channel Rai 2 broadcasted Sereno Variabile, one of the most popular programs in Italy that deals with travel and tourism. The Sereno Variabile troupe came to Florence in November to shoot the documentary and interview some “native”. I had my 5 minutes of fame! The video was made in front of the “Antico Vinaio ...

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Big Renaissance frescoes: the celebration of the rich families of Florence in Santa Maria Novella and Santa Trinita by Ghirlandaio

The buon fresco (true fresco) gives the colours great permanence and resistance to aging, since they are an integral part of the wall surface, rather than a superimposed layer of paint on it. The medium of fresco makes great demands on a painter’s technical skill, since he must work fast (while the plaster is wet) but cannot correct mistakes by overpainting. Many rich families in the Renaissance purchased b ...

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