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The Florentine Hunger Games

Trumpets blare, the soft clinking of a metal breastplate bounces off the narrow walls, and leather creaks as the parade marches by while three young emergency medical aids do their best to explain to me, in broken English, how they prepare for the battle that is about to happen.  Sitting in the back of their ambulance, through a patchwork of phrases, I am able to haphazardly translate and piece together the ...

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Seeing the Future in Milan

When one thinks of Milan, a lot of things come to mind: top of the line (and break the bank) fashion, the enormous duomo, and…technological innovations? While Milan may be a hardworking, time-is-money type of city, a tech fest was the last thing I expected on my weekend up north. Sure, I expected to hit the biggies, the ones you just cannot miss: the Milan Cathedral (The Duomo), the ostentatious Galleria Vi ...

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Riding the Crazy Treno in Italy

It was bound to happen; we all knew it would eventually. Culture shock hits and I end up dazed and confused, looking very much like the American I am. What we didn’t know is that it would happen this soon. Sure, on the first day of my adventure in Italy, that’s acceptable, but the first half hour? Come on now! Low and behold, a half hour after touching down at the airport, I found myself standing at Florenc ...

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