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Districts of Florence – ” Sant’ Ambrogio”

Sant'Ambrogio is definitely one of the most liveable neighborhoods in the city. From this district it's only a ten-minute walk to all the major monuments, squares and museums of the city. And yet, due to its location just outside of the most heavily-touristed areas - it hasn't been overrun by mass tourism.Along the streets of Sant'Ambrogio it's still possible to meet many 'real Florentines' - walking, shopping or simply chatting on the stairs of a church, on a park bench, in a market, or amidst the narrow streets. Almost all of the area's streets are closed to traffic and this makes the district even more attractive for both tourists and residents. One of the most representative monuments of the district is the beautiful synagogue located in Via Farini, built in 1882 by Florence's Jewish community. Also interesting is the simple and harmonious Sant'Ambrogio Church, located in the most lively square and representing the heart of the district.

Festival in Florence – May 2009

Art 2009 @ Fortezza da Basso 1/3 may ( international handicrafts fair )Fabbrica Europa @ Stazione Leopolda  ( calendar ) 5/23 mayBoboli perfumes @ Giardino...

Florence Events in the pub or local- May 2009

..:: VIPERTHEATER  ..:: 1 May Via Lombardia/via Pistoiese - Firenze Info: ALTER*NITE + SOCIALISMO & BARBARIE..:: FLOG ..:: 1 May via M. Mercati 24/b ? Firenze Info: U-ROY...

Cobblestone Streets

How do you live in a tourist city? How can a student in Florence for only 4 months live here without their stay becoming one extended tour of major sights? The fear of feeling like an idiot when returning home for not having seen every famous palace tempts you to desperately follow the tour book’s advice. But we all know that real life isn’t sightseeing. So the question remains

Inside the castle of XXI century

These are some pictures taken by the studentsville staff during the opening of the new Palace of Justice near novoli.

Districts of Florence – ” San Marco & San Gallo “

This is the university district, where the seats of all of the most prestigious faculties of the city's university: fine art, literature, and where all of the university facilities, student residences and student cafeterias are located.For this reason the district is very lively and full of cheap restaurants, good pubs, and very good aperitif bars (where students and tourists can have a dinner at the price of a drink!).


The Artist’s House in Greve in Chianti established in 2008 is a structure in line with the widespread practice of other European countries and the world to create environments where is possible the exchange and comparison between artists,

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