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Ducati Museum

Located at the Ducati factory headquarters, the 1,000 sq/mt Ducati Museum highlights 50 years of racetrack heritage. The Ducati Museum opened on June 12, 1998, during the first annual WDW (World Ducati Week), and was officially inaugurated on October 16th later that year. The Museum has preserved over half a century of Ducati racing history and also the history of the company (before it produced motorcycles) founded by the Ducati brothers in 1926. From the popular post-World War II “Cucciolo” to the more recent breakthrough with the Desmosedici, the museum highlights 50 years of Ducati technological innovation, award-winning design and, above all, exceptional racetrack performance

Montalcino Wine Tours (by car)

From Florence your driver will bring you through the beautiful Tuscan countryside south of Siena for a splendid day of sightseeing and wine tasting. After passing Siena, you will continue through the “Crete Senesi” to the important wine town of Montalcino. The scenery is breathtaking here – cypress trees, fields and livestock, with the extraordinary combinations of green, grey and brown landscapes. The famous “Brunello wine is produced here using Sangiovese grapes. Every activity in this town revolves around wine production and rightly so.


On 18th September 2009 The Textile Museum opens an exhibition incooperation with the most famous Russian museums. About 150 works of art.

A Florence “Cultural Experience”

When I first arrived in Italy, I was overwhelmed with the number of friendly people (men in particular) I encountered while acquainting myself with the beautiful city of Florence. Their usual comments including “ciao bella” (hello beautiful girl) and “bellissima” (very beautiful girl) were definite self-esteem boosters for an average American girl with limited Italian experience.

Scooter Craze

Beginning at a young age, my parents have always stressed the importance of traveling in safe, well-made vehicles. Therefore, riding on a motorcyle/scooter would be absolutly out of the question. When I first arrived in Florence, I was shocked at the number of people that drived scooters. Unfortunately, I have regretfully noticed how wrecklessly most of them choose to drive

Life Lessons in the Italian Supermarket

I was shopping in the Supermarket yesterday when something strange happened to me.Perhaps I should preface the story by saying that I come from California- a land of freedom where grocery store ethics are almost nil. That said, I was browsing the fruit section on a Thursday night shopping trip.I was shopping for myself and thus - trying to pick the best and smallest grape bunch from an assortment of monstrous bunches that I knew would go bad before I got the chance to eat them all. Now speaking as a single person from the land of supermarket freedom - I would say that I was within my bounds and those of common decency. And perhaps I was.

My beautiful life in Santo Spirito, Florence

The sounds of church bells are what awakens me on Sunday morning. Not at all a bad way to wake up and thankfully the first ones don’t strike until 8:45am, so I am not forced out of bed too early.If I stay in bed for another 15 minutes, the second reminder of Sunday sounds as the bells attempt to call me to church.I’m living in the Santo Spirito area of Firenze, so happy to have moved away from my first apartment by the Ponte Vecchio.My new place is only 25 Euros more a week and it’s more than worth it for its tranquility (one of the few places in Firenze where I’ve not heard the constant noise of Vespas, talking and metal rolling doors being lowered and raised).

Italian-English basic “accommodations” dictionary

If you are looking for a room or an apartment in Italy you probably need to know better the terms associated to the different types of accommodations and to the most common way to the describe a house, an apartment, a nice room with a view, a full furnished kitchen...

Without a roof under Florence sky

lorence, rich city, gets married to art and fashion.Personalities like Roberto Cavalli, a famous Italian designer, have their boutiques in Tornabuoni street, surrounded by other important brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Damiani, Prada...Here, everyday, strangers and wealthy people spend their money looking for a fashionable dress or for a multifunctional bag.

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