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Tomato Bread Soup : ” Pappa al Pomodoro “

In a 12-inch saute pan, heat the olive oil over a medium-high flame until hot but not smoking. Add the onion and garlic and saute for a few minutes, until onion is translucent. Add a pinch of salt. Add the chopped tomatoes and their juices and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and let cook until the tomatoes begin to soften and break down, about 5 minutes.

Urban trekking in Tuscany

What is Urban Trekking? It's a new form of tourism, less structured and far from the famous circuits. A "wanderer" tourism more free and...

ACF Fiorentina – Cap 4 – From 2000 to today

The club was promptly re-established in August 2002 as Associazione Calcio Fiorentina e Florentia Viola with shoe and leather entrepreneur Diego Della Valle as new owner, and was admitted into Serie C2, the fourth tier of Italian football. The only player to remain at the club in its new incarnation was Angelo Di Livio, whose commitment to club's cause further endeared him to the fans. Helped by Di Livio and 30-goal striker Christian Riganò, the club won its Serie C2 group with considerable ease, which would normally have led to a promotion to Serie C1. However, due to the bizarre Caso Catania (Catania Case) the club skipped Serie C1 and was admitted into Serie B, something that was only made possible by the Italian Football Federation's decision to resolve the Catania situation by increasing the number of teams in Serie B from 20 to 24 and promoting Fiorentina for "sports merits". In the 2003 off-season, the club also bought back the right to use the Fiorentina name and the famous shirt design, and re-incorporated itself as ACF Fiorentina.

Lucca comics and games ( 29 ott – 1 nov )

Lucca Comics has been the nerve centre of comics in Italy since its inception and is the oldest part of the exhibition, an ever-expanding event that includes the whole art and business world of Italian comics amongst its exhibitors

Florence news

Big Florence news: From Sunday October 25th 2009, Florence's landmark Piazza Duomo is going to be pedestrian only. This means a total stop to cars, busses, motorini, bikes, and taxis going past the duomo

Casa Martelli – New Florentine Museum

It's the newcomer among the Florentine museums: its name is Casa Martelli and will be opened to the public starting from today. Casa Martelli is in a palazzo in via Zannetti, once named via della Forca (Gallows Road)

Acf Fiorentina cap 3 the 80s and the 90s

In 1980 Fiorentina was bought by Flavio Pontello, from a rich house-builder family. He quickly changed the team's anthem and logo, leading to some complaints by the fans, but he started to bring in high-quality players such as Francesco Graziani and Eraldo Pecci from Torino, Daniel Bertoni from Sevilla, Daniele Massaro from Monza and a young Pietro Vierchowod from Sampdoria. The team was built around Giancarlo Antognoni, and in Serie A 1981-82 Fiorentina were involved in an exciting duel with rival Juventus. After a bad injury to Antognoni, the league title was decided on the final day of the season, when Fiorentina were denied a goal against Cagliari and were unable to win. Juventus won the title with a disputed penalty, and the rivalry between the two teams erupted.

Eurocholate Festival @ Perugia – 16/25 october

The military order that has been chosen as the slogan of the sixteenth edition of Eurochocolate Perugia is a clear invitation to think outside the box, to give free rein to one’s individuality, to go beyond the usual habits to be able to enjoy the food of the gods in a new way and in all its complexity.In 2009, Eurochocolate wants to promote creativity, so everyone can love chocolate as he or she pleases. Dark or milk, bar or nugget, in whatever form it is, it doesn’t matter: there’s room for all!The tools of this sweet,

Festival della Creatività 15/18 october

The Festival of Creativity returns to the Fortezza da Basso in Florence from October 15-18, 2009 and dedicates its fourth edition to the city, where creativity becomes innovation, production and development. After the increasing successes of the first three editions (with 400,000 visitors in 2008), the Festival—with the personal support of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano—is taking on an international profile as a premier event of the 2009 European Year of Creativity and Innovation. The 2009 programme offers four days of meetings, talkshows, workshops and live performances with artists, scholars and scientists from around the world—a rich schedule which allows each visitor to create their own ideal route through the event, whatever their age or interest.

ACF Fiorentina – Cap 2 – The First Scudetto and 50s-60s-70s

In 1950 Fiorentina started to achieve consistent top-five finishes in the domestic league. The team consisted of great players such as well-known goalkeeper Giuliano Sarti, Sergio Cervato, Francesco Rosella, Guido Gratton, Giuseppe Chiappella and Aldo Scaramucci, but above all the attacking duo of Brazilian Julinho and Argentinian Miguel Montuori. This team won Fiorentina's first scudetto (Italian championship) in 1955-56,