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Italian-English basic “accommodations” dictionary

If you are looking for a room or an apartment in Italy you probably need to know better the terms associated to the different types of accommodations and to the most common way to the describe a house, an apartment, a nice room with a view, a full furnished kitchen...

Without a roof under Florence sky

lorence, rich city, gets married to art and fashion.Personalities like Roberto Cavalli, a famous Italian designer, have their boutiques in Tornabuoni street, surrounded by other important brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Damiani, Prada...Here, everyday, strangers and wealthy people spend their money looking for a fashionable dress or for a multifunctional bag.

Diladdarno White Night ( Nottarno 2009)

Piazza Poggi : 19,00 APERITIVO CON DJ SET 21,00 MUSICA: THE RENT 23,00 MUSICA: TOO MUCH BLONDE 1,00 DJ SET Lungarno Serristori: 20,00 / 24,00 " RODOLFO SIVIERO" SHOW DI UGO E LAMBERTO PIGNOTTIGiardino Demidoff : 19,00 APERITIVO CON DJ SET 22,30 DANZA DEL VENTRE 24,00 DJ SETVia de' Bardi: 23,00 Musica: GV. Quartet c/o Open BarPiazza della Passera : 19,00 - 21.00 Musica: Chris Wyatt Scott 21,00 - 2,00 orchestra MUSIPOLITANAPiazza Pitti : 21,00 SPETTACOLO DI DANZA 23.30 MUSICA: MICOL BARSANTI 1.00 MUSICA: MARTINICCA BOISONPiazza Santo Spirito: Mercato dela note 22.00 musica: Superstition 23.30 musica: Majakovich terzet 1.00 musica: The GuitarsVia delle Caldaie : 21.00 MUSICA: Sretclerks Rock Band c/o Caffè Notte Via della Chiesa : 19,00 - 3,00 Mostra arte contemporanea No Rising Nor Faling di Kirsten Stromberg c/o Galleria Micro - Via della Chiesa, 21/r


“Pull me up” is the translation of Tiramisù. For sure it refers to the strong caloric contribution, which is supposed to give an aphrodisiac help.What is basic for this delicious dessert is the freshness – and safety – of the ingredients: Mascarpone, which is a cheese from Northern Italy with a high contents of fat and the eggs, which are usually raw.Marcella Ansaldo suggests a method for a “really safe” ......

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Florence

 copyright - Università degli studi di firenze & La Repubblica

Florence’s patron Saint’s Day

Florence, June 24 is the Festa di San Giovanni. Florence's patron Saint's day is a local holiday which coincides with the finale of the Calcio in Costume, a spirited medieval version of football, or soccer, in Piazza Santa Croce. At 10pm there is a fireworks display; the best place to watch them from is Ponte Santa Trinita, in this way the Ponte Vecchio will be in the foreground, with the fireworks display providing a colourful and spectacular backdrop.

A ray of light in the world of architecture

A ray of light in the world of architecture -The Florence Institute of Design International is hosting a summer architecture course, led by Prof. Karin Templin, an authority in Florentine architecture from Kingston University, London. This has attracted a good number of young professionals from every continent, already working in the architecture and design fields. In the current economic climate, many architects are being made redundant in the UK and throughout Europe. A natural reaction for many is to use their time and education funds to both improve job skills and revisit their masters, providing them with the tools and knowledge to get ahead and succeed despite the global crisis

Accommodations in Florence and Tuscany

Student and tourist apartments in Florence and Tuscany, B&B, Hotels, Hostels, farmhouses in florence and Tuscany. If you are coming to Florence to spend a period of your life in this page you'll find all the info you need.

Florence and Italy Student accommodation Free Forum!

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