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Districts of Florence – ” Santa Croce “


Piazza Santa Croce is an excellent example of a quintessential ‘Renaissance square‘, where perfect and impressive architectural geometry has been designed around the life of the community and its citizens. Here man is not dominated by the church and architecture but is, rather, at the center of the scene.

Piazza Santa Croce, almost all year long filled with hundreds of tourists, represents the natural landmark for all the area, either by day or by night. Due to the beauty of the piazza, its monuments and its main streets, Santa Croce is one of the major tourist centers of the town. It’s important nevertheless to point out that the district still conserves the antique atmosphere of the city, especially in the narrow, hidden streets where it’s still possible to meet local inhabitants chatting (in perfect Florentine dialect) from the windows while hanging out the washing…



Here is a selection of Florence’s best Party Streets of Florence:


One of the coolest streets for outdoor partying in Florence is this year (2009) Via Pietrapiana/Piazza de’ Ciompi…the streets is short and there are only 2 bars Caffé Sant’Ambrogio and Plaz and 1 great place Teatro del Sale for both dinner and entertainment (in my opinion, in some special evenings, the best of the city)…these venues attract hundreds of florentines and foreigners every night, especially on Friday and Saturday night…we definitely recommend a visit to these places…
If you are lucky you can also find concerts and nice events under the characteristic “Loggia del Pesce” of Piazza de’ Ciompi (famous for its flea market) and almost every night you can find a quality show (music, theatre, dance, etc) at Teatro del Sale (where you can also eat great food at a reasonable price!). In front of Caffé Sant’Ambrogio you can enjoy a drink in a nice, typical, off the beaten road bar (Piazza Sant’Ambrogio) The atmosphere in the street is cool and colourful and the area is definitely safe.

Caffé Sant’Ambrogio and Plaz are open also in the morning for the breakfast. Caffé Sant’Ambrogio is recommended also for the “aperitivo“, from (around) 6 pm on…


Moyo, Lochness, Kikuya, Red Garter, Osteria de’ Benci, Oibò, Australian Pub, William Pub…the coolest bars, pub and restaurants of Florence are located here….on Friday and Saturday the street is transformed in a great Party area, if you like having fun outdoors in a nice context you can’t miss this street! Definitely one of the trendiest of the city!

Moyo is recommended for its fine “aperitivo“…Osteria de’ Benci is a great place for a good Tuscan dinner before the long party nights….

Cost of Living in Florence 2009


The inflation rate of Italy in March 2009 is not so high, it’s around 1,2/1,5%….

The fact is that, after the introduction of the Euro (the 1st of January 2002) , the practice of rounding up the euro to the value of ITL 2,000, rather than to the correct conversion rate of ITL 1,936.27 has given rise – according to the president of Istat (Italian Institute of Statistics) – to the unexpected (and unwanted) effect that, in Italy, perceived inflation can be estimated at around 6%…!

This process has brought to a rise in prices particularly strong in cities like Florence, Venise, Rome, Milan, Bologna
Here we have listed the prices of some of the most usual things that you can buy during your stay here so you can better compare the cost of living of Florence with the cost of living in your hometown…

1) A night in an Hostel: 18/25
2) A night in B&B (double bedroom): 50/120€ ( find your B&b)
3) A night in a one star Hotel in Florence city center: 20/30€ per person
4) The rent of a cosy studio in the city center (40/60 sq meters): 700/1300€
5) The rent of a nice single room in the city center: 400/700 € per month all inclusive
6) The rent of a nice double room in the city center: 550/1000€ per month all inclusive
7) A private lesson of Italian Language in a private school: 25/40€ per hour
8 ) An intensive private course of Italian in a private school: 1000/1200€ per 40 hours
9) A standard Italian course in a private school: 450/700€ per 4 weeks (20hrs per week)
10) A good dinner for 2 pax (and you buy everything at the supermarket!): 15/20€

The recipes of ” Giglio Cooking School”: The Meat Sauce


Many cooks say that for a good ragu’ (Italian for Meat Sauce)  different kinds of meat are required: beef, pork, lamb, veal. Purists  say that only beef meat is required. I don’t dislike to mix a crumbled good fresh and rather lean sausage with the ground beef.

Meat sauce – or ragù – is made with different meats all over Italy: in the south, especially Apulia, there is a predilection for lamb. In Napoli the meat is not ground: they rather use a whole piece of beef to stew for six or seven hours. What seems to be in common is the use of tomato. Not everybody knows that the tomato is a recent addition to Italian recipes, being original from America. Tomatoes started to appear on Italian tables only at the beginning of the 17 hundred. The real Bolognese sauce is, actually, without tomato. The lack of one ingredients brings also to a different procedure.
Comparing the following recipes, you would notice that in the meat sauce with tomato the vegetable are cooked first, in the Bolognese sauce the vegetable are added later.


meat-sau2ce1300gr ground beef – it shouldn’t be too lean, or the sugo will be dry

2 fresh sausages
olive oil
2 onions, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2 stalks of celery, chopped
2 cups dry red wine
400gr canned tomatoes
4 tbsp tomato paste dissolved in 1/2 cup water
Beef broth
A pinch of salt
Bay leaves and chopped rosemary

Districts of Florence – ” Sant’ Ambrogio”


Sant’Ambrogio is definitely one of the most liveable neighborhoods in the city. From this district it’s only a ten-minute walk to all the major monuments, squares and museums of the city. And yet, due to its location just outside of the most heavily-touristed areas – it hasn’t been overrun by mass tourism.

Along the streets of Sant’Ambrogio it’s still possible to meet many ‘real Florentines‘ – walking, shopping or simply chatting on the stairs of a church, on a park bench, in a market, or amidst the narrow streets. Almost all of the area’s streets are closed to traffic and this makes the district even more attractive for both tourists and residents. One of the most representative monuments of the district is the beautiful synagogue located in Via Farini, built in 1882 by Florence’s Jewish community. Also interesting is the simple and harmonious Sant’Ambrogio Church, located in the most lively square and representing the heart of the district.

Florence Sport events – May 2009


ACF Fiorentina ( soccer )

  • Fiorentina vs Torino @ ” Artemio Franchi ” stadium – 3 may 15.00 buy the ticket
  • Fiorentina vs Sampdoria @ ” Artemio Franchi ” stadium – 15 may 15.00 buy the ticket
  • Fiorentina vs Milan @ ” Artemio Franchi ” stadium – 31 may 15.00 buy the ticket

GIRO D’ITALIA ” ( cycling )

GP OF ITALY ( Motogp)

  • 31 may from 11.00 – Mugello circuit ( near Florence ) buy the ticket


  • 30 may from 14.45 – 100 km del passatore ( Florence – Faenza ) more info

Festival in Florence – May 2009


Art 2009 @ Fortezza da Basso 1/3 may ( international handicrafts fair )

Fabbrica Europa @ Stazione Leopolda  ( calendar ) 5/23 may

Boboli perfumes @ Giardino di Boboli 7/10 may

Artigianato & Palazzo @ Giardino Corsini 15/17 may

Wine festival Lamole’s fragances @ Piazza della repubblica 16/17 may

Zero Emission Vehicles international fair @ Parco delle Cascine 22/24 may

TERRA FUTURA @ Fortezza da Basso 29-31 May

Live on Stage in May 2009 – theatre


Live on Stage in May 2009- Concert



The events can sometimes undergo changes that do not depend on our will. You are advised to check the event by contacting the organizers.
The Studentsville Staff is not responsible for any cancellations or shifting of the dates of individual events.

Florence Events in the pub or local- May 2009


..:: VIPERTHEATER  ..:: 1 May
Via Lombardia/via Pistoiese – Firenze

..:: FLOG ..:: 1 May
via M. Mercati 24/b ? Firenze

..:: VIPERTHEATER  ..:: 2 May
Via Lombardia/via Pistoiese – Firenze

..:: FLOG ..:: 2 May
via M. Mercati 24/b ? Firenze
SENSES FAIL (USA) in concert (Special guest UNDERFLOOR)
Official website:

..:: SIDDHARTA ..:: 2 May
Via Traversa Pistoiese 83 – Prato
MUPPET SUICIDE (Official European Guns n? Roses Tribute) in concert

..:: CAMPI JAZZ FESTIVAL ..:: 6-9 May
Teatro Dante – Piazza Dante – Campi Bisenzio (FI)
Avio Travel, Uri Cane, Simone Zanchini Quintet, Sunrise Orchestra and more…

..:: VIPERTHEATER  ..:: 6 May
Via Lombardia/via Pistoiese – Firenze