Monday, October 2, 2023
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italian black coffee with brioche

10 Types of Italian Coffee Decoded and Pronounced, you’ve had an espresso and a cappuccino, but that’s just the tip of the Italian coffee iceberg, my friends. Coffee in Italy is...
classes in italian how to say

What about a class in Italian? Italian Lesson #1

Italian lessons for children Happy September! Schools are starting again, and even adults are ready for new, exciting adventures!
learn italian in italy

Travel to Italy and open your mind without moving from your couch

3 amazing advantages of learning a language online Wishing you could spread your wings and fly away, across the...

Learning italian in Florence: why art is a great companion?

Let’s talk about the potential of art and creativity when studying a foreign language: have you ever thought about how art can...
olafur eliasson florence

‘In Your Time’ – Olafur Eliasson in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi

So far it has been a long Florence Art Week (September 16-24), with more than one opening. Olafur Eliasson, Erwin Wurm, Tony...
phone banking meaning

What is Phone Banking? How does it work?

Phone Banking MeaningFriends use it, family members wonder about it, and your 80-year-old great aunt has probably asked...

Italians do it better

How an intensive Italian language course and internship in Italy can change your life Happy summer, Studentsville blog...

Palmaria Island and the hidden gems of Liguria

Palmaria: the biggest island in the Liguria regionWhat? Islands in Liguria? Yes, of course, they are tiny, but...
wedding party tuscany suvereto

Your Wedding Party in the Vineyard at Tenuta Casadei, Suvereto

Wedding in the Vineyard: the Countryside at its bestWhat about a wedding in the countryside? Friends who have...
florentine steak bistecca

What to Eat in Florence, Italy

Oh, Florence, its iconic vistas, glorious art, romantic bridges, and… scrumptious traditional fare! Yes, the world-acclaimed Cradle of the Renaissance is also...

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