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Valentine’s Day 2019 in Florence, Italy

Terazza Brunelleschi Firenze San Valentino

This February 14th in Florence is going to be a great one. Whether you’re happily coupled or flying solo, the city has stepped it up this year with special events for everyone to love. So, no need to worry about your Valentine’s day in Florence, because you’ll always find something to do, even just based on the list below. Enjoy a great February 14th in Florence this year, and all the next ones you’re going to come and be in the most romantic city in all of Italy.

Valentine’s Day Dinners


Firenze Ristorante di Hotel Westin Excelsior<3 SE·STO on Arno – Westin Excelsior: €70/person
Piazza Ognissanti, 3 – 6th floor
+39 055 2715 2783


Terrazza Brunelleschi Firenze<3 Risorante Terazza Brunelleschi – Grand Hotel Baglioni: €58/person
Piazza Unità Italiana, 6

CLOSED FOR RENOVATION 29/01/2014 – 19/02/2014

Osteria Torre della Pagliazza Firenze<3 L’Osteria della Pagliazza – Torre della Pagliazza – Hotel Brunelleschi: €56/person
Piazza Santa Elisabetta, 3

Sitting at your candlelit table on the first floor of this circular byzantine tower, you’d never guess that the building, one of the oldest in Florence, was at separate times both a men’s and women’s prison and, before that, supposedly housed a giant Roman bath. But then again, the romantic menu proposed by chef Simone Bertaccini and Maitre Daniele Caldera will have you thinking of little else.


Restaurant for Valentine's day

<3 Il Desco – Il Guelfo Bianco Hotel: €28.50/ person
Via Cavour 27-29
+39 055 288330
This restaurant provides an intimate setting and polite service. It is situated in central Florence, very close to the Duomo. Their Valentine menu should be booked in advance and includes one glass of Prosecco, one a choice of one appetizer, one first dish, one second course, and one dessert. Menu: Creamed artichokes croutons with goat cheese and quail egg OR Creamed pumpkin with robiola cheese flakes and rosemary croutons / Chestnut wrap with ricotta cheese and walnuts on saffron cream OR Potatoes gnocchi with parmesan cream and Culatello ham / Guinea fowl stuffed with sautéed artichokes OR Roasted seitan with tower of seasonal sautéed vegetables / Cheesecake with berries OR Handmade chocolate pie with chantilly cream.

Ipad bistro Firenze

<3 Ristorante Touch Florence: €35/ person
Via Fiesolana 18r
+39 0552466150,
A modern restaurant with modern menus; select your delectable Italian fusion cuisine from the iPad menus at your table. Menu: Milanese Crab with Potato Chips and Sweet Chilli Sauce / Pink Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and Shepherd’s Cuttlefish sauce, Pistachios and Balsamic Reduction / Grilled squid on Bed of Mashed Broccoli and Brussels with Curry Spices / Yogurt Mousse with Passion Fruit and White Chocolate Shavings. Call ahead to book. 

At Home

Panino Tondo Firenze<3 Panino Tondo: €29/TWO people
Via Montebello, 56
+39 055 538 5465
What’s Panino Tondo? A hamburger, American pastry (bagel, donut and muffin), and brunch take-away that only uses high quality, fresh, Tuscan ingredients, and DELIVERS TO YOUR HOUSE!? You’re probably already dialing their number, but here’s the dish: Menu for two: Chianina beef burger with sauteed mushrooms, pecorino cheese, bacon and arugula leaves / fried spicy chicken wings / onion rings / chicken nuggets accompanied by BBQ sauce / Aioli Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Sparkling Wine / Macaroons filled with cream and fresh fruit (prepared by Dolce Lab). Email or call ahead to order. 


Gusta Pizza forma di cuore Firenze<3 Gusta Pizza: €5-10/person
Via Maggio, 46r
+39 055 285068
Neapolitan-style, wood-oven fired, arguably-the-best-in-Florence pizza by three wonderful Italian brothers from Naples. They haven’t prepared a special Valentine’s menu, because they’re known to spread the love every day of the year. Female clients are often surprised with heart-shaped pizzas from the staff, which, besides being every bit as delicious as their normal-shaped variety, would make the perfect budget V-day lunch or dinner, am I right? To be sure you get your pizza “a forma di cuore” (ah FOR-mah dee COO-oh-reh), now you know how to ask 🙂

Valentines Day Activities

Luchetti dell'amore Italia<3 A Note on Love Locking
The Ponte Vecchio used to be the Florentine spot to attach “luchetti dell’amore,” (love locks) emblazoned with “lover’s name + lover’s name,” and throw the key into the Arno River, securing your bond throughout eternity – that is, until the ornamental overload started damaging the only ancient city bridge left standing after WWII. Nowadays, there’s a €160 fine for attempted love locking, and for the rebel lovebirds who get away, a lasting toll on one’s conscience for contributing to the demise of a true piece of world history. Better to take your lock home as a souvenir, or fasten it to something that doesn’t date back to 996 A.D.

For Everyone (Lovers, Friends, and Singles)

<3 Save up to 25% off a bike tour with I Bike Italy.
I Bike Italy is the longest running single-day bike tour company out of Florence, with personalised cycling itineraries (from beginner to advanced) above the city and throughout Tuscany. From 07/02/14 to 16/02/14  you can book a tour for later this year and save 15% when you mention StudentsVille. This offer can be used in conjunction with the existing 10% student discount for an amazing 25% discount. Visit our link for more information. 

<3 Train Trips: Trenitalia 2×1 Tickets
Choose a return or round trip destination for Valentine’s Day, click “2 passengers,” pay just one ticket through midnight, February 13th.
*regional trains excluded

<3 Uffizi Art & Love Tour: €65/ couple
14:45-18:00 14/02/2014 – 15/02/2014
Take a romantic 3 hour tour of the Uffizi and learn about how love has been depicted by the most famous painters in the world. Book in advance on the website.
+39 348 8400459, 

<3 Festival del Cioccolato Artigianale (Artisan Chocolate Festival!)
Piazza Santa Maria Novella

<3 1 Billion Rising/ OBR Justice Flashmob.
Piazza Santa Maria Novella
A flashmob to strike and protest against violence towards women and girls.
Check out the link for more information.

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Pitti Uomo 2019: Finding the open events for you!


SO if you’re in Florence at the moment you might have seen an increase in the fashionistas walking around town, some are called “Pavoni” – peacocks, these are the people that tend to follow a classic dandy look – others are just fashionistas. Why is this happening? Well, twice a year Florence holds the Pitti Immagine Uomo a fashion fair that showcases some of the new talents in the fashion world. It first started as a fashion fair for stores to visit and decide what to put on its shelves. Today it still has that function but it became more and more of a town festival with events popping out all around Florence for Pitti Uomo January 2019.

Remember that the Pitti Uomo 2019 dates are January 8-9-10-11, so from now on fashion all the way.

Today let’s look at some of the free events that you can go and visit, if you’re not part of the fair, while in the city. Next week let’s see what the people wore in the city of Renaissance during the Pitti events 2019.


  • Pitti Uomo at the Museo Marini


Slam Jam, an Italian streetwear company will be celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary. The first event on the 8th will be on invite only, but from the 9th to the 14th you’ll be able to visit the space for free. This comes after a long period of restyling within the Museo Marini

  • “ I Cinque Sensi” at Casa Martelli


In the center of Florence, between the Duomo and Santa Maria Novella Train Station you can find Casa Martelli, a antique house that hosts a variety of expos during the year. On Thursday 10th, you’ll be able to go through the “I Cinque Sensi” tour (The Five Senses) that will have you experience the Rococò era through all of your senses. The tour will last 30 minutes and spots are limited.


  • Hacula at Dogana


The Dogana space near the Fortezza da Basso, location of Pitti Uomo, will be open to the public with a setting created by Hacula, a brand that looks into the work of street artist Harif Guzman with the creative output of Creative Director Jon Koon. You’ll be able to visit on the 8th and 9th from 9 am to 6 pm.

  • Diadora at Stazione Leopolda


Italian sportswear brand Diadora celebrates it’s 70 years in activity with a showcase at the Stazione Leopolda called “It Plays Something Else”. You’ll get a chance to see the brands history through the interpretation of artists such as Ducati Monroe, Maisie Cousins, Invernomuto, Gabber Eleganza, and Patrick Tuttofuoco. It opens the 9th and 10th from 11 am to 7 pm.


  • Animalia at Palazzo Pitti


It might be quite confusing that Pitti is held at the Fortezza da Basso and not Palazzo Pitti, but worry not you’ll get a chance to visit it in fashion style, because at Palazzo Pitti you’ll be seeing the works of 100 different pieces created following the idea of animals worldly and not. Don’t fret cause you can see this also after Pitti is over, it goes on until the 5th of May.

Pitti Uomo Locations

Sicilian Slang Phrases for your Sicilian Adventures


Sometimes we can’t but go into a dictionary style post, but today we won’t be talking about standard Italian, today we talk about Sicilian slang phrases. We’ll give you a selection of Sicilian slang words so this way you’ll have you and locals strike into some deep convos that only you will understand. Now the Sicilian dialect is so distinct that for the UNESCO it’s considered to be a minority language, so you can actually say that Sicilian slang is on a whole other level compared to common Italian slang, now you can imagine that the difference between Sicilian and Italian is immense. So if you’re in need of some standard funny Italian slang you’ll have to look back at our other articles on slang.

Do keep in mind that Sicily is one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, so when you go enjoy all it has to offer.

sicilian slang phrase

SO before we go on our Sicilian slang phrases list let’s give you a little lesson on how do you spell Sicily in Italian, don’t worry it’ll be quick and easy because you just have to read the text, or even better just copy paste it. Sicily in Italian is Sicilia so S-I-C-I-L-I-A. Its name is considered to be an evolution of the word Scilla, that was a sea-monster that lived with its counterpart Cariddi in the Messina Straight, this dates back to the Greco-Roman era to explain why it was so difficult to pass in the Messina Straight and the strong seas that where a standard of the area.

Now let’s begin!

Veni Ca – Come Here

Veni Ca is how you’ll say come here in Sicilian. So when you’re out and about with your friends and someone wanders off into the distance, but you have to tell them something really important, you’ll have to call them out saying “Name of friend veni ca”. At least now you know you’ll never lose sight of anyone while in Sicily.

Manciàri – To Eat

One of the most important aspects of Italian culture is food, so you have to know how to say eat in Sicilian. I mean there is so much good food in Sicily that’ll all you’ll do will be Manciàri. I’ll make a confession it’s the only reason I don’t go often, cause I’ll go bankrupt on food.

Ti Vogghiu – I Love You

Now maybe while you’re there you’ll find your love, and you know what good on you, cause everybody needs a bit of loving once in a while. Let’s say you want to tell them your feelings, but want to show the effort of learning their dialect, that’s when you drop a Ti Vogghiu, that literally translates to I want you, but it answers your how do you say I love you in Sicilian question.

Trùoppu Bedda/u – Beautiful

Now that you’ve proclaimed you’re love to them you’ll want to tell them that they are beautiful once in a while, I mean it’s always amazing to be told that by someone you care for. So beautiful in Sicilian is Trùoppu Bedda – if your partner is female or identifies as such – and Trùoppu Beddu – if your partner is male or identifies as such. Keep in mind that Italian, in general, has a grammatical distinction between Male and Female.

Picciriddu – Boy

You probably have seen the Godfather a couple of times if you’re thinking about going to Sicily, and if I just fell into a stereotype trap see it cause it’s a great saga of movies. So if you’ve seen it you might wonder what they mean when they’re saying Picciriddu, that means boy in Italian slang, I mean Sicilian slang.

Saluti – Cheers

At the end of the day you are still in Italy, and nothing is more Italian than Aperitivo, so you have to indulge in some moments of convivial drinking. Compared to the Italian Salute, you’ll find that the Sicilian counterpart doesn’t differentiate that much, probably because of the modernity of Aperitivo. So cheers in Sicilian is Saluti.

Price increase for Milan Subway and Bus delayed to Summer 2019


Great news coming from the Fashion and Business capital of Italy, the ticket surcharge that had to take place in March 2019 won’t be taking place as per program. The city and the Regione Lombardia couldn’t find an agreement regarding the price hike.

price increase milano subway

The Region didn’t give any consent to the price hike within the deadline decided together with the city of Milan, a decision that would bring regular tickets to cost €2 instead of €1.50, also a surcharge for weekly and monthly passes, with the monthly pass costing €39 instead of €35.

Luckily if you’re here for the whole year this won’t affect you as the implementation dates would’ve been in March 2019, but now we believe that the price surcharge will take place after Summer 2019.

Let’s see what prices will change, which ones will remain the same, and what new standard will be implemented with this new cost.

As I stated prior regular tickets are going to cost 0.50 cents more each. Going from €1.50 to €2.00, not that much of a price hike, but if you’re going to uni far out every day it’s probably better to invest in a pass.

The monthly pass that will probably be better for your daily commutes, will go from costing €35 euro a month to €39. A slight increase that is going to save you a lot of money in the long run. Just remember that you can renew your pass not only at ATM points around the city and subway but also at the Tabaccherie that offer said service. (in case you don’t know what a tabaccheria is they’re those shops with a big T outside)

Now most probably you’ll find yourself in the under 26 bracket, and that for you is a massive bonus, cause for now nobody is talking about increasing said age range, so if you’re under 26 you’ll spend the same €22 even after the surcharge.

The Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala commented on the rise as follows

“After several years of unchanged tariffs, we are forced to change them, because in the same period the tax income of State and Region has significantly decreased”

So start saving up or come to Milan pre Summer 2019, at least you won’t need to spend that extra cash on every ride!

Meeting the Bad Brothers


Meeting the Bad Brothers

We met the BAD Brother’s Tattoo Studio in Florence. They're pretty famous for their unique style and way to create custom designs for their clients. Discover more watching this video.

Posted by StudentsVille on Thursday, 6 December 2018

Alex: Hi guys this is Alex

Tommy: I’m Tommy

A: We are two brothers originally from here (Florence) and a year ago we decided to open up a Tattoo Studio in Via Buonvicini, just outside the city center, Piazza Savonarola is the area. Our background is in Bars and Nightclubs, we’ve been 20 years bartending all over the world.

T: You’ve been 20 years, I’m younger.

A: OK maybe 18 and 20, we’ve been all around the places like NY, Spain, London bartending. We’re growing a little older and we always drew since we were two kids and then we decided to dedicate ourselves to a different craftsmanship and started a Tattoo business.

T: What about our Tatto Studio?

A: Well our Tattoo Studio is a little different, from other ones, besides the fact that after your tattoo  you’re gonna get a free beer

T: Always

A: You don’t drink before, but later, afterward you can. What we do is we create a talisman,  an alchemical talisman tattoo, based on your life experience, on your life path, on your journey. We put meaning in it together, with you, to create an original tailor-made design that speaks about you.

What is the Creative Process?

A: How do we do this? we do this using alchemical symbols that are completely redesigned graphically. Using our latest technologies, and also the ancient technologies, as the alchemical books. The outcome of the design will be unique and a non-repeatable design.

So, when did it all start?

A: What made you start?

T: What made me start doing Tattoos is passion art and getting in touch with people and trying to satisfy their desires, their wishes on their skin with a drawing or an idea that will last forever (hoping it lasts forever) and well that’s it.

A: Yeah I think so, being in the bar, you’re trying to catch, to understand the kind of person you have in front of you and try to leave the best service and the best moment  that you can, but it only lasts an hour, ten minutes, a night, or maybe two nights. We traveled a lot and we’re very curious to get in touch with people of other cultures and other countries, with different opinions, and different life stories. Being able to Tattoo them and do this process together with them, makes you understand a lot about human beings, that’s what personally I love the most, of course, art is part of us, we always drew since we were kids, so being able to transfer on skin the drawings that we always did is something that is privilege and its part of a learning curve that never ends. And we are grateful for being able to do that.

T: Yeah, I really love the way in which the ideas that somebody has comes in my mind, I try to elaborate it (I don’t know if I said it right) but then the final result of the tattoo comes out and there are many, many things that can be inside the drawing by themselves, they come along by themselves.

A: A Process

T: Yeah, the process of creation of something that makes me start doing Tattoos.

Which Bad Brother are you?

A: I’m Alessandro, I’m 39 years old. I’m from here (Florence) and I’m one the Bad Brother Tattoo guys. I’ve been traveling a lot for all my life, being in the States, in the UK, in Spain, in Germany, always bartending or you know all sorts of jobs. I like the freedom of going and knowing. Art has always been in my veins, I always drew, I always played music. Why? because I find that “normal life” is boring and it closes your mind, while I prefer it to be open and understand. I chose to become a Tattoo artist, because tattoo nowadays is one of the few art forms that gives you the possibility to express yourself, to do something with people and at the same time, being able to eat something. I come from Florence, which is probably one of the best cities in the world artwise, you can go around and have an inspiration all over the places, there are pieces of art from everyone here. I’m enjoying the process, I’m having a ball, I Love it. Come and get a Tattoo.

And what about the other Bad Brother?

T: Hello everybody, I’m Tommaso. I’m a Tattoo Artist for three years. I’ve always been interested in Tattooing. The first Tattoo I’ve made on myself, with a needle and some ink. It’s this, it’s horrible, but I was 21 years old and I was just doing something at home to try. Then I made in the same way many other tattoos, I mean four but it was a lot for me at the time. After that I studied to do it, actually at the beginning, I didn’t know if I actually liked tattooing, but every moment I was more into Tattoo I was aware that I really loved it. My favorite artists during the process of knowing myself in the art are De Chirico and Dalì, for sure, for the way that they let themselves go with a pencil, and they transferred directly their ideas into paper. I mean that’s it’s I love Tattooing and so welcome in the Bad Brothers Tattoo Studio.

What is your advice for first-time visitors?

T: What to see in Italy? There are plenty of things that you can see in Italy you just need to walk around with your head up instead of looking at your feet while you’re walking. It’s full of art, it’s full of everything.

A: What to say about Italy? Well, Italy is a very controversial country. We do magnificent things and really bad things. Our advice is to mix with Italians, which most of the time doesn’t happen because Italians don’t speak English very well, anyway be patient, go around become friends with Italians, they can be nice people.

T: Sometimes

A: Interesting, enjoy art, enjoy food, enjoy your life experience here. As an experience, you’ll come out an enriched person, yeah mix. Mix and Try.

Uber Eats in Italy : the newest addition is Florence


Finally, after the collapse of Foodora (that I am still grieving, cause hey I’m really lazy and I love some take away) Florence is going to get it’s own Uber Eats Italy. One of the last cities to get its hands on the takeaway app, It’s all thanks to a collaboration with McDonald’s.

uber eats italy

With the App, you’ll be able to order in some good old McDees free of delivery fee, because they want you to fatten up real good. Plus hey I mean I’m not complaining, I’m always happy to get my hand on some greasy junk food.


Uber Eats Italy for most of you is pretty well known, in Italy on the contrary, UberEats was only available in Milan and Monza to start, after that it launched in Turin, Bologna, Trieste, Rome, Naples, Rimini, and Reggio Emilia. With Florence being its latest Italian addition, bringing the App to 250 cities around the world and 35 countries. Cause let’s say it we’re all pretty lazy when it comes to cooking for ourselves.

So from December 13th (yesterday when it goes online, today when I’m writing it), you’ll find yourself uber confused (oh wow look at that) regarding where to order from, Deliveroo, Glovoo, Just Eat, or Uber Eats. I guess the only way to pick a proper one is based on what you want to eat. We can tell you that Uber Florence Eats Italy will not just be serving McDonalds, but also a variety of local restaurants, the amazing Japanese food of Momoyama and Koto Ramen. The American style cuisine of Red Garter, also ice cream, cause everybody feels like gelato once in a while and can’t be bothered to go get it.

Just like regular Uber, you can pay online so no worries if you don’t have any cash, I mean who does anymore? Also, just like Uber you’ll see your delivery guy on a map and at least you’ll know when it’s time to put some clothes on to open the door, or maybe pull a Mick Jagger and open the door but naked, hey it’s your life do whatever you want we ain’t here to judge.

So if you’re wondering where you can find uber eats restaurants near me, just download the app and start searching every little cuisine and don’t forget to tip the driver, cause that is something we need to teach the Italians.

Meeting Walter Quiet


How did Walter Quiet Start?

WQ: So Walter Quiet is a photographer, I mean I’m a photographer. My photographic career started 10 years ago, more or less. Not exactly a pro career, but I started getting closer to photography. For two years I’d spend a lot of time with my friends and I’d find myself needing to capture those moments together. It was like a challenge, where every day we’d shoot and create albums that would tell the story of our time together. This was always done as a hobby. Later on, there was another factor that sparked my passion for photography, my trip to visit my cousin in Ireland. Seeing all that beautiful scenery, and the ocean for the first time, made me fall in love with nature photography, so I began to shoot not only friends but also landscapes.

I used to study to be a mechanic, I started working and acquiring some experience, but I could feel within myself that this wasn’t for me. I wouldn’t wake up doing what I loved and I decided that I had to make photography my job, so I changed schools and signed up for a photography degree. The most important aspect I got from school was the fact that I was surrounded by people that had my same passion. Breathing the same air as people that have your same lifestyle helped me a lot. After that, I went on another trip, a road-trip through Switzerland, where my love for nature and travel increased exponentially.

What Lenses do you use?

The lenses I use for my photo shoots are not many, just one. I believe that you only need one lens, the right lens keep in mind. I don’t think you need a full array of lenses, optics, and whatnot. I use a 35mm f1.4, it has a great aperture, mounted on a full frame so you can achieve a true 35mm.

I picked this lens because its perception is the closest to replicating that of the human eye. This way I want to bring the viewer inside the frame. With a wide angle you can sense the fake, and with a telephoto lens, you perceive the distance. What I want is that the person seeing the picture is there with me behind the lens

What’s Something you have to see in Italy?

Being in Love with nature, I’d advise going to Trentino Alto-Adige, there are a thousand great mountains and lakes to visit. For example, Lake Braies, a great spot, even though it’s becoming a cliché for photographers, it’s amazing nonetheless. Close by, still in Trentino Alto-Adige you can find Lake Carezza, Lake Tovel, that was red up until the 80s, Lake Dobbiaco, and Val di Fassa.

All of these locations are great to visit, and you’ll also find the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, and if you’re really into trekking, you’ll find yourself in some amazing locations like Lake Sorapis, it’s colors are so beautiful you’ll think it’s fake.

When did You start making your Videos?

I started shooting videos a couple years back, I felt the necessity to communicate something else not only my pictures. It all started in a very particular time of my life, I was going through some problems. One of those times where you feel left behind by pretty much everyone.

So, I felt that I needed to talk to a crowd and tell them my ideas and my points of view, and I started to notice that my subscriptions were going up, so I kept going. In the beginning, I would record every day, I’d talk more in my videos than in reality. Because I decided to do this I started to make it my diary, where I would talk about my ideas. I also talk about the mindset, the lifestyle, the attitude. I came to realize that it’s 80% psychological and 20% technical in photography. So the idea for my video tutorials comes out of that, we can call them tutorials even though they don’t follow the standard where I just explain how to do something, I improvise a lot, I started to change the way I make my content, from a static shot to bringing everyone backstage on my shoots, so I can show what I do and explain how to take certain shots, hot to use lighting, colors, everything really. It’s also a lot easier for me to do this while on set. It’s really important for me to show that I do this, cause it’s great doing something while having the chance to explain how it’s done.

Since they’re having such a great impact, I’m doing more and more and trying to make them better every time, while trying to involve the viewers more. I realized that with images it’s harder to communicate certain aspects of photography, and who followed my IG was also curious to see who was behind the shots, my ideas, my character, and so this gives me a boost even for me as a creative. I don’t want to say “artist”, but it gives me the chance to say things that I can’t with an image.

Best Ice Skating in Italy: the complete list


Winter is here, and it’s time to feel that holiday cheer. We thought that it would be a great idea to give you all a list of the best Ice skating Italy rinks in the three cities we talk about on a weekly basis, this way when you’re mopping around because you’re bored out of your mind in Florence, Milan or Rome during these holidays (read more about italians holidays and traditions) you can always text a couple of friends, and go check your equilibrium together trying not to break any bones while Ice skating in Italy.

ice skating in italy

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of ice skating, because I have the balance of a toddler, so I’d literally just spend cash to hold myself on the banister and hope for the time to end ASAP, but you aren’t me and my GF is really into the whole thing during winter, so this way I’m also doing some personal life homework.

Soon we’ll give you another list on ice skating rinks like some ice skating Venice Italy and ice skating Verona Italy, but for now be happy with this list of ideas like the Milano Italy Ice skating Arena

Let’s start this Ice skating Italy list in which we’ll give you address, time and prices of the various locations you’ll be able to skate at.

We’re gonna go from North to South, cause I’m writing this Ice skating Italy article and it makes sense in my head.


Milan Ice Skating


Patinoire – I Bagni Misteriosi

Via Carlo Botta, 18

December 2 – January 27


Opening Times

From December 2 – December 24 & From January 7 – January 27

Mon – Wed – Thur – Fr: 04:30 pm to 07:30 pm

Sat – Sun: from 10:30 am to 07:30 pm


From December 26 to January 6

Every day except for Tuesday: from 10:30 am to 07:30 pm

December 31: from 10:30 am to 01:00 am

January 1: from  2:30 pm to 07:30 pm



Entry fee: €3,50

Entry + ice skating for 1 hour: €10


Gae Aulenti on Ice

Piazza Gae Aulenti

November 15 to January 25


Opening Times

Mon-Fr: 10:00 am to 00:00 am

Saturday: 10:00 am to 01:00 am



One hour of skating: €8

Two hours of skating: €10

Bringing your own skates: €6 an hour

Christmas Village

Giardini di Porta Venezia


December 1 to January 6


Opening Times

Everyday: 10:00 am to 09:00 pm

December 25: 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm (last entry at 06:00 pm)

December 24 & December 31: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm (last entry at 05:00 pm)



Full Price: €8

Under 10 years of age: €6

If you bring your own skates, the fees don’t change but you don’t have time restrictions


Milan Ice Skating Map


Florence Italy Ice Skating

Firenze Winter Park

Tuscanyhall, Lungarno Aldo Moro

October 25 to February 24


Opening Times

Tue – Thur

Pista Master: 03:30 pm to 07:00 pm – 09:30 pm to 00:00 am

Pista River: 03:30 pm to 07:00 pm



Pista Master: 03:30 pm to 07:30 pm – 08:00 pm to 01:00 am

Pista River: 03:30 pm to 07:00 pm – 07:30 pm to 00:30 am



Pista Master: 10:30 am to 01:30 pm – 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm – 05:30 pm to 08:30 pm – 09:00 pm to 01:00 am

Pista River: 10:30 am to 01:00 pm – 01:30 pm to 04:30 pm – 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm – 08:30 pm to 00:30 am



Pista Master: 10:30 am to 01:30 pm – 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm – 05:30 pm to 08:30 pm – 09:00 pm to 00:00 am

Pista River: 10:30 am to 01:00 pm – 01:30 pm to 04:30 pm – 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm – 08:30 pm to 11:30 pm



Tue – Thurs – Fr

Ice Skate Rental: €2

Skating Fee: €6 (skates not included)

Last hour of the day skating fee: €5 (with skates included)


Sat – Sun

Ice Skate Rental: €2

Skating Fee: €8 (skates not included)

Last hour of the day skating fee: €7 (with skates included)


Florence Ice Skating Map


Rome Ice Skating

Ice Park Euroma2

Viale dell’Oceano Pacifico, 83

November 15 to January 6


Opening Times

Everyday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm



Hourly Fee: €10

Discounted Fee: €8 (less than 6 years of age)

Bring your own skates: €5

Ice Village Roma

Via Grotta di Gregna, 22

November 28 to January 6


Opening Times

Tue – Wed – Thurs : 10:45 am to 12:45 pm

Friday: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm — 09:30 pm to 01:00 am

Saturday: 03:15 pm to 08:00 pm — 09:00 pm to 01:00 am

Sunday: 11:15 am to 12:45 pm — 03:15 pm to 08:00 pm — 09:00 pm to 00:00 am



Tuesday to Friday

Ice Skates Rental: €2

Hourly Fee: €6

Saturday & Sunday

Ice Skates Rental: €2

Hourly Fee: €8

Ice Space Village

Largo Dino Frisullo

December 8 to TBA


Opening Times

Everyday: 10:00 am to 08:00 pm



Hourly Fee: €8

Groups of 10 or more: €7 a person


Rome Ice Skating Map

 8 reasons to take  Smart Trip’s Spa, Wine, & Tuscan Countryside Trip




Last week, I booked a tour called Florence to Spa, Wine, and Tuscan Countryside with Smart Trip, and it was MARVELOUS (the same trip also leaves from Rome!  The trip combined three things I love the most, spa, VINO, and beautiful views! If you aren’t convinced just by the name, check out my 8 reasons you should join the trip!


Luxury thermal baths:                         

The first stop of the trip is at a spa with natural hot spring pools! There are both indoor and outdoor pools making the temperature perfect at any time of the year.

Spa treatments:

Not only can you enjoy yourself in the pools, but you can choose to have spa treatments done including facials, massages and much more!


The robes:

I 10/10 suggest renting one of the robes from the spa while you are there. They are literally the softest things I have ever felt and are def worth the 8 euro rental fee to feel like a princess.

Tuscan wine (and a lot of it):

After the spa, we stopped at a picturesque vineyard for lunch that including a TON of wine! The servers literally kept pouring wine, even when you didn’t ask for it!


The food:

The included lunch was not only delicious, but there was so much food! Tuscan appetizers, and lots of pasta had me feeling like an Italian queen.

A chance to feel like a movie star (i.e. Diane Lane):

In the afternoon we explored the breathtaking town of Cortona and the small quaint town! You may recognize it from the film “Under the Tuscan Sun” as the romantic film was filmed there!


The views of Tuscany:

All day, the views were wonderful! The outdoor pools at the spa overlooked rolling hills and in Cortona, the panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside looked like a postcard!

You deserve It:

You’ve worked hard and school is tiring, so take a Friday for some Italian style self-care.



What is the difference between Pandoro e Panettone? Tasty Christmas


It’s the season of giving all around the World, and the Christmas spirit can be felt in the US, in Germany, in the UK, and in Italy. All of these places have a variety of traditions when it comes to Christmas, but we are going to concentrate on a very specific one that comes straight out of Italy. Now, what tradition are we going to talk about? We’re going to talk about Panettone and Pandoro. Once these two bad boys come out, you know it’s Christmas time in Italy ( discover more about italians holidays and traditions)

what is the difference between pandoro e panettone

What is panettone?

So, what is Panettone? Panettone is a Milanese pastry, that as I’ve already said is made during the Christmas festivities. The main ingredients are flour, candied fruits (not a huuuuuge fan) and raisins.  It’s very simple, but if you want to know my personal opinion (and well you don’t have a choice, because I’m writing) I am not a huge fan, I mean if you’re into candied fruit and old-time flavors, than Panettone is right up your alley. I mean I might have said that I’m not a huge fan, but that doesn’t mean you might not want to know where to buy Panettone. In that case most supermarkets sell them, but maybe you want a fancy one to send home to your parents or the whole family, so in that case, you should find a pasticceria and have one made for you, don’t worry all the places that make them to-order will advertise it. Now for my final pieces of advice regarding Panettone, probably the most important one. How to eat Panettone? Now, you can eat panettone on its own, or you could drop some tasty Cream di Mascarpone, this is the way to eat it and also the answer to your question on how to serve Panettone Classico.

The History of Panettone

The most well know of the panettone,  describes a Milanese baker named Toni who had a beautiful daughter.

A young nobleman wanted to marry her so disguised himself as a baker, and baked this special sweet bread filled with raisins and candied fruit peels to win the father’s approval. The two young people married, and meanwhile the sweet bread made Toni’s bakery famous, and was named “pan de Toni” or, Toni’s bread.

What is the difference between Pandoro and Panettone?

Pandoro compared to its Milanese counterpart, comes from the city of Verona. As you can tell most Christmas Sweets come from up north, even though there is a great number of traditional foods form the rest of Italy, you wait and see. Now the questions regarding Pandoro are many, but really keep in mind that it’s the better version of the Christmas pastries (you need some subjectivity in blog posts). Anyway, let’s look at the ingredients, it’s simple Flour, Eggs, Butter, and Sugar nothing crazy like candied fruits.

How to eat Pandoro?

It goes down a beauty, so when you are wondering how to eat Pandoro just think a lot and that’s all you need to think when it comes to eating Pandoro. With Pandoro, you can have Mascarpone with it, I mean why not do whatever you want, but traditionally you sprinkle powdered sugar on top of the desert and make it all nice and sweet.

The History of Pandoro

The origin of pandoro has not yet been established with certainty, the versions are still contradicting.

Some people thinks the pandoro was born in the Venetian Republic in the ‘500, when they were served on the rich tables of nobles some sweet of conical shape, covered with gold leaf, called “Pan de Oro” (Golden Bread)

In recent times, panettone and pandoro have undergone a sort of “restyling”, since many other variations of the original recipes are available:  be them coverings or fillings, chocolate,  zabaione sauce,  crema pasticcera (pastry cream) may now easily accommodate people tastes, even if purists would probably dislike such tasteful variations.

So, what is the difference between Pandoro e Panettone? The candied fruits and the texture, but it’s all the same when it comes to celebrating Christmas with the ones you love. Panettone, Pandoro it’s irrelevant if you’re enjoying yourself and having a jolly good one.